Friday, August 22, 2008

Clammering Toward the End of the Tunnel

or How to Spend Two Straight Days Trying To Fix Your Computer and Another Day Wiping and Reinstalling Your Life.

I'm getting back to normal, but Hubster was out of town when all this crap went down, so I had to reformat all by my lonesome. It was intimidating, but I'm proud to announce that I'm currently typing this on my own computer which is (so far) virus-free and (again, so far) fully functioning.

So I finally updated the banner image, a clue that there will probably be more changes to come, but we'll see. I have a backlog of images to attend to from pretty much the last YEAR of my life, so I'll see about changing the look of this site.

Have a great weekend. I'll be picking out tile for my kitchen renovation next weekend. Woo!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Linking Wednesday, or OH, MY POOR COMPUTER!

All ready to blog again, but nowhere to type. Somehow, my computer got STEAMROLLED by a horrific virus. I spent my entire workday either scanning for viruses, rebooting into safe mode, or on the phone with the company tech guy (shout-out to J!). My system is still ganked and there's no end in sight. Except reinstalling EV-ER-Y-THING. It's moments like these when I wish we didn't always get the upgrade versions of the Adobe Creative Suite. I might (conceivably) have to install Adobe CS, CS2, plus CS3 before dumping the former two to save precious space for all the projects I mean to tackle with CS3. To quote Liz Lemon, "blurg!"

Whilst I pull out my hair, enjoy the following linkage.

1. It wouldn't be me without the requisite McSweeney's entry, and this one delivers. Enjoy "Increasingly Dangerous Cheeses." Delicious.

2. You may or may not have seen this before, but if you missed it somehow, enjoy the following coverage of the "Hipster Olympics" on YouTube. It's 100% Brody and Chaz approved. By which I mean, of course, that they are utterly apathetic to it.

3. One of my recent blog finds is GlossedOver.Com whose tagline reads: I have magazine issues. The voice is clever and perfectly reflects the delight-to-ambivalence-to-anger spectrum of emotions I feel when reading fashion mags. Plus it's hilarious. Enjoy this (rather long) live-blog of reading the legendary tome that IS the September issue of Vogue Magazine. Sweet mercy.

4. On a related note, this article from Slate (really tapping the old wells on this one, huh?) reviews the attitudes of some of the major womens mags to the current economy. Results: ridiculous, as expected.

Well, I'm up to my eyeballs in stress and sick of Hubster's strange keyboard, so I'm out.

Monday, August 18, 2008

BASTA. (or Enough Already!)

I've been avoiding the Fyf like an ex-boyfriend. It stops now. I'm not sure what starts up now, but at least I won't be waffling mentally (as painful as it sounds, and no, there's no delicious syrup involved) about whether to write promising more writing, to write promising to end this thing once and for all, or to write in order to waffle on the blog about the blog.

Ahem, does anyone else have a headache? Now do you understand the avoidance?

Anyhoodle, the time has come to stop with the waffles and start with the facing o' the problems: I haven't written in WAY too long. And I think I might want to change that. Stay tuned. Or tune out. But at least I acknowledged the elephant in the room: the waffles.

Incoherent Drama Queen w/ Broadband Connection OUT.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogger Still Alive, In Holiday Stupor

It's been flat-out nuts around here for weeks. Between my return from Argentina and New Year's, our schedule shows a trip to Indy (for that Colts game - I owe you pictures), a trip to Michigan, a trip to Upstate New York (for Christmas with Hubster's fam) with an extended stay in Lancaster (which we're still on now), plus two weddings (one in DC and the other tomorrow in Pennsylvania), and a visit from sister-in-law G and the in-laws dog (who has multiple problems stemming from Lyme's Disease, poor pooch), and I think that's all the heavies. I'm just glad to be seated and relaxing at the moment.

I'll back in the saddle after New Year's. But until then, two awesome videos my choir director sent around from YouTube. Good choral-themed times, people.

The Hallelujah Nuns:

The 12 Days of Christmas Medley:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yet another time waster.

I only post when I have something trivial or pictoral to present. In that vein . . .

The Blog Readability Test yielded the following results when applied to my blog:

cash advance

I am lame.