Saturday, July 28, 2007

There's a perfectly lame explanation for the dearth of posts, I swear.

All week I've been stressed. My work projects are in limbo and each hour that ticks by in which I don't move forward seems like an eternity I'll have to work off in Last Minute Purgatory. I can forget about it sometimes but big projects, like big life changes and big decisions are meant to be tackled head on and early, while I still have the energy. I may have awakened before 6am to get my hair done the day of my wedding, but I was walking down the aisle at 10 o'clock. Action saves me every time. But there is no action. Or there is partial action, and I get more pent up. Oh, and I bore Bee by complaining about it. I hate to bother her, but I hate to bore you with it too.

Then there's the small matter of Hubster being busy again, being gone when I want to sit and talk or not talk or just be in the same room with him. I rely on him so much, maybe too much, for the support and interaction and affection I crave everyday. I miss him. I miss being us all the time, with nothing on our slates, just a little guilt for being that fortunate.

I've also been busy with social engagements. Which sounds depressingly weird to announce.

Tuesday night was dinner in Annapolis with former Grovers. We ate sushi at Nano downtown. I enjoyed my Kama Kazi ("Spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy flake and eel with eel sauce on the outside" - YUM!) and the conversation. I felt a bit awkward since the rest of the group knew each other and hung out frequently, but even when we moved on to gelato and added a local boyfriend and the conversation touched on people and places I didn't know, it was nice to connect. It was nice to know they all went on, got lives, still thought I was worth dinner and a little Italian dessert.

Wednesday night was Chicken and Beer night with new friends from church. We had 25-cent wings and cheap drafts at a local wings place. I don't know the couple well, but I was there, eating and talking with their friends and coworkers. We ended up getting supplies at the grocery store and sharing root beer floats for dessert at our place. It was spur of the moment, but that made it more fun. I haven't done spur-of-the-moment like that in while. It's a step.

Later that night, I picked up my in-laws at the airport from their vacation. We had to skip family vacation this year, what with plans for trips, costs of trips, and Hubster's general off-the-hook busy-ness. I felt sad hearing the stories and knowing we weren't in them, weren't there to share the experiences that formed them. But as they talked with me for the next couple of days, I again appreciated having family. Hubster may not be there to referee every interaction, but that makes our relationship more genuine. We get to be family too.

Frankly, I'm just grateful I can have such friends and family. Each time life gets busy and my support structure seems shaky, I lament my lack of local friends.
"They're all an hour away! We're too busy to get across the distance."
"I don't have 'coffee friends,'I have 'clear your slate we'll do a weekend in eight months friends!'"
"Why did I not introduce myself to that person at church? It's my own fault I'm so lonely."
"My job is making me a hermit!"
"If I had a car, I'd have friends."
The excuses change, but the frustration and discouragement don't really budge.

And then I have a week like this. I haven't even mentioned the card I got from a dear friend who just shot to the top of my dearest list because she wrote such nice things to me. I got it after a wretched day, and I was just walking on a cloud afterward.

I haven't shown you the image I took today of my bed at Casa Pierce&Wife which contained a loofah, some chocolates, and a body wash for me to enjoy. Before I came, they said they'd pamper me, but I was content with their company. I never expected scented bath products and that bottle of great wine they splurged on to share.

Maybe my real problem is that it's feast or famine for me. I've feasted all week, and it's all so good, but I go from rich fare to bare tables. I wouldn't trade the delicacies for steady bread and water, but I sure would like a meal or two in between.

I haven't shared much with you all week because I've been trying to soak all I can. Sometimes I wonder where my next meal is going to come from.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The laundry, she's a pilin' up.

I got home from Phoenix yesterday morning. I slept very little on the trip, and I ended up napping for six hours yesterday afternoon. It was good for me. Then I upped the ante and managed to sleep all night, too. Apparently I was tired.

I've been putzing around the house and cleaning things sporadically. I barely accomplish anything in between conventions, so it tends to pile up.

I took some pictures in Phoenix, ate some decent food, and introduced my coworker to Greek food - huzzah for corrupting the youth with Mediterranean delights!

Right now, though, I need to keep plugging away at my chores list. Pictures and stories to follow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And She's Off! Again!

I have a convention to work. Again.

I waited till too late to pack. Again.

I changed my hair. Again.

I didn't develop my digital pictures from the last trip. Again.

I neglected to post while doing little of value at home. Again.

I was too liberal with the exclamation points. Again!

I'll be back soon, and this is my last one! Huzzah!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back NOT better than ever.

I got back from LA on a red-eye Saturday night to Sunday morning. I slept for at least a couple hours, which I NEVER do, but then I got back and had a hard time sleeping. My in-laws were in town Sunday night and I saw them off for their vacation today. My body is in no particular time zone and I've got some serious pain in my back. LA was as fun as we could make under the circumstances (back pain!), and I've got oodles of pictures to share, but tonight, tonight I'd best get to bed. More tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"It's like living in someone's mouth."

That's how the store clerk described the current weather - like living in someone's mouth. When it's 94 degrees and the humidity is through the roof, IT'S UNBEARABLE. Today I had to run lots of errands, and getting in and out of the car, feeling the temperature rise five degrees a mere moment after I turned off the engine, GAH.


Phew. That feels a little better.

Interestingly, I'm headed out tomorrow to sunny LA for a convention, and the temperatures there are at least 10-15 degrees cooler. Considering how hot it's purported to be out there, I'm just grateful I'll be getting a break. Of course that break comes with less blogging, but I'll take the good camera and let you know how it goes. Hasta la vista, Maryland.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Self-Indulgent Snaps

It's been a while since I took some good personal pictures, so I tried to do it myself because Hubster was busy. And I look really ridiculous and alternately young and old. Awesome. I also took a picture of my home's temperature for posterity. And, you know, self-indulgence.

Remember when I used to caption things?

Oh, I managed to get some fantastic stuff at Sephora last time, including a good foundation match - finally one that isn't too dark. I also got a bronzer that isn't too orange and a lipcolor that reminds me of Scarlett Johansson's at several events/in several movies. Because I was feeling brave and they take returns. I can't find a better picture than her work for Louis Vuitton. I wonder when I can expect my free bag for plugging their product?

What? Too self-indulgent?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Am Loving . . .

Eating watermelon with feta cheese. Sounds gross but is actually a delicious taste explosion in your mouth. Plus you've got your wonder fruit with your relatively-healthy cheese (I used reduced-fat feta which tastes delicious) so it's a great snack. Stop your looking askance and TRY IT.

Watching Doctor Who on TV Links (Hat tip to Jackscolon for helping me find that). That website isn't perfect as streaming video goes, but it'll do in a pinch and it's got tons of shows, including awesome British shows we rarely see over here.

Finding good deals on fabric at JoAnn. They may suck at selection and pricing on their fabrics usually, but good finds to be had in their Spring Fabric Sale. I found some awesome yellow eyelet for a skirt and some decent purse/makeup bag fabrics. I got everything for $3 per yard or less. Huzzah!

Eating homemade lasagna. It may be a pain in the butt to cook, but it's wonderful to eat. Also? Oodles of yummy (freezable) leftovers.

What are you loving?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rain Out

Happy Independence Day! I was supposed to spend it initiating some local friends to the actual DC festivities, but then the weather said something about scattered thunderstorms, some severe enough to cause "large hail." Um, how about not. Instead we ate our picnic dinner on their living room floor - baguette sandwiches with potato salad and (spiked) lemonade. Then we went out to a movie, got Ben & Jerry's kiddie cones for dessert and then I came home.

The movie we saw was their choice, License to Wed, and it wasn't good. I liked Mandy Moore during her guest stint on Scrubs, but her part, along with the plot, script, comedic bits, and even the soundtrack were formulaic and blah. I like a good chick flick and I will coo and cry with the best of them, but this? No. Don't get me started on the overdone jokes about marriage. Still, it wasn't impossible to watch and my friends were having fun, so it was fine. I'm just lamenting that the Ratatouille showing was inconvenient because I almost got them to see that. I swear I'm going to see that movie if I have to buy a ticket and GO ALONE, darn it!

The rest of the night was fun, though, and I'm glad I went. Hubster's out of town at the moment, so he couldn't complain about the movie choice. I might not otherwise have gone out with the chicas. The picnic and ice cream hit the spot. Happy Birthday, US of A. And many more.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pooper Goes to the Vet

Today I took Persephone to the vet. It did not go down well.

She meowed loudly and incessantly once I managed to drop her into the cat carrier - I had to tip it upward and put her into it because I couldn't push her in horizontally nor coax her in with treats. She continued meowing all the way to the vet's office. She sat in the waiting room where she would alternately meow in a sort of bellowing fashion and stare intently at everything, including the large cage containing a couple of kittens waiting to be adopted. She hissed at them occasionally, just to prove she was boss, and then began hissing at the room in general. With all the food on one wall and her inability to get a bite, maybe that's why.

Then began the exam where she protested having her temperature taken (although who can blame her since it was a rectal reading - fun!) and then she started wandering all over the room while we waited for the vet. She did nuzzle a wall-mounted machine that looked like it took blood pressure. She was none-too pleased at having her body examined, and the vaccines were RIGHT OUT OF THE QUESTION, YOU BASTARDS (insert hisses, growls, and violent evasion techniques). But we got out the door with a sound bill of health, except for her weight. She's a little overweight and we're going to put her on prescription weight-loss food for a while until we get her back in fighting shape.

At least she didn't poop in her carrier. Like last time.

And you thought we called her Pooper for laughs.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New and Improved Cat Picture Action!!

In lieu of telling you all about my nice but boring-to-recount weekend, I present cat pictures. Fine, it's only more interesting because it's PICTURES, but I'm over it.