Wednesday, March 30, 2005

wandering wild in Michigan

Sure, getting to MI involved runway-back-ups, the most turbulent flight I've ever been on (no beverage service possible - oy!), and delays, but being here has been lovely. Monday evening I hung out with the fam and did the usual non-stop chatter thing. Yesterday morning I talked with my Dad and J before they left for work, ate breakfast with Mum and then talked to P once they'd all gone out for stuff. He doesn't always unhinge for serious topics, but being in the Army and having limited face-time with us has made him much more open when we're together. It was good to hear how well he's doing and to talk to him about decisions he's having to make. I feel so uninvolved with my family at times, that it's nice when I can be involved in key phases in their life. I'm working on not taking all that for granted.

Then last night, my dear friend E picked me up and we met up with the one and only R. We had magnificent tiramisu, walked around Birmingham a long time, and then stopped off for a birthday beverage with E. I was glad to be around for that. Any excuse to stay out longer and talk some more. :-) We also took a couple of pictures, so I'll have to post those when I get home.

Tonight should be a blast. Dad and Mom are cooking up something yummy and we're just going to eat and talk and be a boistrous family and that, in itself, will make my month. It's not like I feel that "I can't live without my family anymore, the pain, the pain!" but I do miss the loud dinner table, the jokes and the support. They're genuinely great people individually and our rapport with each other has matured into something I wish I could more than once a year. Hmm, I guess I should just be grateful that I have such a great family and that I do get spend time with them right now and leave the demands for the future aside for now. Carpe familiam! . . . or something.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Below are some snapshots of our dear furball.

First off:

Sweet Persephone

She is so adorable, I nearly wet myself (yes, B.L., I suffer that affliction, too). I also had to put this on my desktop. The longer we have her, the more I realize I'm going to be an obsessive parent.

Second Fiddle:

Terrifying Persephone

One day, not too long ago, I was lying on the ground and talking about something with gusto. Now when I talk, my head moves a little (and by "a little" I mean "like a valley girl after three Big Gulps"). We noticed that the cat was staring at my hair in just the sort of tiny-huntress fashion she uses when stalking her toys. We tried really moving the hair around and LO, my hair was pounce-worthy! Today I was hanging my head off my chair and, as you can see, we've got Chop-Licking and Demon Eyes. LO, I am scared!

Third in Line:

Typical Persephone

Except for napping, the #1 mode in which our cat can be found: in motion. What's the rush? Off to clean your own litter box?

Saturday, March 26, 2005

We believe in a Pre-emptive Strike Doctrine.

We lint roll the cat.

Seriously, we can't find the cat's brush and she's getting hair everywhere. So, when she was enjoying her special wet catfood, I worked her over a bit. If God had wanted us to be covered in fur, then He wouldn't have invented the Triple-Blade Venus Shaving System in Passion Pink!

After the nail trimming and Softpaw Claw cover application, I think she didn't even notice it. Heh-heh, she was more upset about having to hold still for those procedures than she was about the end results. Our cat has ADHD.

In other news, we've been having a wonderful, productive Easter weekend. Yes, WE were productive. *ahem* Your mouth is drooling while your jaw is on the floor, so let's, uh, get ahold of ourselves. Apparently it IS possible.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

258 days

This one's for the ole hubster, so don't say I didn't warn the rest of you. READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK. Writing it down for him and for posterity is just my way of making these thoughts more permanent than merely sounding out the words and calling it a day.

Happy 258th Day Anniversary! As un-fun as it was, I think having that discussion this evening was the much more of a milestone than any date on a calendar (including the meaningless one I'm making such a big deal about >;). Yes, no one gets married at the "perfect" time in their life, and yes, perhaps tying the knot when I was at such a mental low place for so long probably made it tougher on us. I have regrets about life but thanks to God's grace, your grace/perseverance and my (sometimes) successful attempts to take action, this is not one of them.

I do regret my own behavior and attitude when planning the wedding, not because I made things too tough on you (we both agreed that wasn't so, and it felt so good to hear you say that!), but because I was too weak-willed. I was too selfishly interested in my own security to think of other options, to take big risks and to really TELL you how upset I was at my workload and your laziness in the face of it. I was passive aggressive about it (Oh, my! I used that bad, evil word). You have shown me that you can get past those momentary failings and fulfill all the potential I saw in you that made me say "YES!" in the first place. For this, and many other reasons, you are marvelous.

I shouldn't recap, I shouldn't rehash. It was said better tonight anyhow. (And, may I just say, we said some things very, very well tonight. We were poetic. We rock!) AHEM. Seriousness.

I love you. Blah, blah, yes more than when we giddily ran out of the church and laughed and smiled at everyone in sight. I enjoy your company more than I did then. I respect you more than I did then. Shared experiences have made us stronger, even when nit-picky details have conspired to drive us both far from the person we swore to be with till we croaked. For that, love, I wish you a very Merry Un-Anniversary. And many more . . .

And to the rest of you reading this: Don't talk about how cliche I am behind my back (heh - easily accomplished since you never see my face in this medium) to everyone. I know this fact. I'm just glad my beau can forgive me this weakness.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ...

1. I listened to Keane while working out today and the fast/slow songs showed up at exactly the right times for my workout. And I even went on the elliptical runner and did that crazy Cardio Crosstrain Kicking Your Butt workout that changes things up with speeds and direction for pedaling. It was awesome!!!!
2. My husband is home from work and he is charming and funny and he smells good.
3. My cat is susceptible to manipulation from my funny husband who makes her do funny things.
4. I have yummy Subway dinner in my belly.
5. It's Wednesday and I will get to talk to my best friend again and will continue my diabolical plan to keep in touch with her.
6. I get Good Friday as a paid holiday (yay for working for a Christian company!) so tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF WORK FOR THE WEEK.
7. In about 4 days, I will walk into the loving arms of my parents/brothers and spend a couple of days seeing places and people I've missed, including two best friends who, let's face it, miss me horribly. (sigh) Who wouldn't?

That is the short list of things that are making me happy right now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When visiting our home, watch out for EPG!

Aside from kitty being a little crazier/more fun than usual (more on that later), life is just blah right now. I AM NOT COMPLAINING, I am merely noting that this makes keeping a journal of my life the teensiest bit boring.

Last night our friend, JHB, Master Builder of All the Theatre Sets in World, came over for dinner and a drop off - beautiful nightstands that match the bed frame he made us! Oh, they're gorgeous, alright. Shiny, smooth and svelte. Now we can put our alarm clocks on something other than the floor and my chapstick won't roll under the bed anymore. yay for furniture!

Told you my life was boring to hear about.

At least the cat's been more amusing than ever. She showed signs of this behavior at the start, but lately she's stepped up the frequency of Enforced Parental Grooming (EPG). Apparently, K and E's showering regimen is not as strict as Persephone would like. She licks our hands/arms and, should we start pulling out of reach, she ferociously attacks us and closes her pointy little teeth around our flesh without biting down until we give our hands back and endure some more sandpaper-tongued cleansing. She'll even hold her adorable paws around our arms and pull us toward her waiting jaws and her very, very ticklish tongue. "My real mother would never have let me roam the alleys in such a filthy state! Come back here or the pinky's history!"

Monday, March 21, 2005

Ocean Breeze Soap will get you clean!

I am not an athlete. I have not been mistaken for one by anyone I have ever known/met. I like being inside most of the time, or if I am outside, I like doing things that are interchangeable with being inside, such as reading, talking, looking around, and breathing - even if the air is better out on God's green earth.

I exercise infrequently these days, both because I am lazy and because I dislike exercising on the whole. I enjoy yoga, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for it. It's tough, however, to keep a figure without some effort, particularly when you like flan as much as I do. So I go to the fitness center. And I attempt not to hate exercise.

But I do love showering after exercising. I used to trek over to the GCC Fitness Room a couple of times a week with my suitemate and, since most of the school year was spent in the cold of PA, we would freeze on the way out but love every minute of the refreshing walk back from our exertions, just in time to freeze again while showering. Now, the fitness room is 50ft away, so when I return, I'm still too hot and I can climb in the lukewarm water and it feels fabulous. I grew up taking showers when my family home was roughly 60º, so I'm too used to thinking of hot water as the only thing standing between me and hypothermia. Ah, but when I get back from working out, it's just refreshing, without the pesky emphasis on heat transference. This, of course, works wonders for shaving one's legs - no more goosebumps and whole-sale skin removal! Sing it, ladies!

So, to parody a beloved childhood movie (yeah, Muppets!) "Showering After Exercising - it's like taking a swim, only there's no pool, you don't really go anywhere, and your little brother isn't splashing you in the face!"

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Jaleo - ¡Qué bárbaro!

Our friends N and J are getting married in about a month. J was out of town for a bridal shower, so N hung out with us alone on Saturday night. We just wanted to chat and eat good food, so I dropped a hint that a visit to Jaleo (a place I'd seen last week when we went to Bethesda) might be nice. This restaurant has another location in downtown DC and it apparently brough the tapas craze to the area single-handedly. Since I love all things new and exciting and I LOVE anything Iberian/Hispanic, I was all about it.

It was a marvelous place, although not that cheap, so beware. We split several different tapas amongst ourselves and I ordered Café con Leche and flan for dessert. Oh. My. Gosh. I love flan. I could go on and on about how yummy it is. Order it. Also, the food was authentically Spanish (from my limited knowledge at least) and their Sangria rocked, too. All in all, a fabulous place to eat, especially if you're looking for a snack rather than a full-scale meal.

We had a great time chatting and then we moved the party to the local Barnes & Nobles where we browsed and I found a book called Paella, Paella about Spanish cooking - yay! :-D The fun continues . . .

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Well, I couldn't come up with a title for this blog and the cat just walked across the keyboard, so why not?

Last night K and I were invited by another Grover grad, the fabulous HF, to attend a high school play: Romeo and Juliet. First off, what an undertaking for high-school! Seriously emotional, often traumatic scenes, murder, suicide - I was surprised at their capacity to portray them well. Of course many students spoke too quickly or too quietly or both, but they did a pretty darn good job overall! We had so much fun watching H bounce off the walls and order people around as TD and introduce us to student after student. Her students enjoyed her - they definitely had a rapport. It was so great to see how much Hannah appreciated us showing up, too. All in all, it was well worth the trip out to lovely Rockville.

Now if I want to enjoy a trip to see my brother, I'm gonna have to work just a smidge to make up for it. "Heigh ho! Heigh ho! It's off to work we go . . . "

Friday, March 18, 2005

I can't resist a shiny object!

My mom works at Ann Taylor LOFT and she offered to help me get some great stuff on sale this week, so my husband endured a full 45 minutes of sitting in the accessories corner and watching me model things and analyzing how they look. One woman walked by and said "Wow, he's really patient! My fiance would never do that." Heh-heh. My man is much, much better than yours!

Anyhow, mom took the style numbers I sent her and bought everything. Unfortunately, it's sitting in Pontiac, MI and I am, well, not. Conveniently, my brother is in town from Korea, can't come to me, and I'm flying out to see him soon. Not so conveniently, this is happening around Easter. Poopy. I pine for you, Adorable Slouchy Sweater and Charming Floral-Print Shirt! Tell the Cute Cami and Sassy Sash Belt to hang on!!!

I have to coordinate the flights now and I must say it makes me feel like quite the jet setter to just pick up and go on a couple of weeks notice. Hopefully, not so long from now, I can chat with my brother in my new shirt AHEM - I mean old home.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The cat is running wind sprints in my hallway again.

Persephone just started running up and down the hallway. I heard a crash (she probably ran into a box of some kind) and then she meowed at me from the doorway of the study as if to say, "See what I do when I'm alone? You should be playing with me - for my own safety, if nothing else!"

Cats with wounded pride. So amusing.

-2 units of wretchedness

I called my friend back today and we got to chatting and had a grand old time. We talked for close to 2 hours - huge for me - you have no idea! I think we've actually thought up a viable plan to keep up more. Not too shabby.

I think I freaked out so much (trust me, it was worse in person - ask K ;-) because I feel my discipline lacking in so many areas right now. There are few immediate negative consequences to slacking off, though I still feel like I'm waiting for the hammer to fall. I used to have exams or papers that were seasons of procrastinating, but also gave me deadlines where I would redeem myself. Now there are no deadlines and there are no positive milestones, either. If I don't implement some order, it'll be years of habits to unlearn, not months.

Still, that's no reason to paint myself out as the World's Worst Friend, or even the World's Worst Correspondent. I just wanted to feel control and it's much easier to reform my communication habits than it is to tackle completely decorating my home, making meals from scratch every night, joining a world-renowned choir, reading intellectual material every night, improving my marriage, and learning to be a better person. Baby steps, baby steps . . .

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wretchedness: Exhibit A

I came home yesterday from errand running with K and left my purse on the kitchen table. I picked it up this morning and glanced at my cell phone to see the dreaded words "Message" on the front screen. I hate when I miss calls because people know I only have a cell and that means they expect me to answer the phone - and I should! Anyhow, it was a dear, dear friend who really needed to talk to me last night and I didn't respond till this morning when she's probably busy. Honestly there are times when I wonder how my friends still put up with me. I'm terrible about getting back to people. Another friend called me . . . last week? the week before? She was asking my advice on something trivial, but definitely up my alley and I never responded. What is my problem?

I know this all sounds melodramatic, but if I were my friends, I bet I would be nodding my head in agreement with this assessment because this has to have crossed their minds before. Maybe it's because I never really kept up with family and I come from a "no news is good news" sort of background on both sides. In contrast, K's fam does at least weekly emails while mine talks infrequently at best. Sure, it's partially because of my dad's family being so spread out and unable to talk long distance from 10,000 miles away (literally), but does that mean I have to succomb to this model when I have completely different circumstances? I haven't been on IM for weeks. I seldom return emails. It's a miracle I can manage to keep up on people's blogs. Where is my discipline?!?!

To all my friends, everywhere: I love you. I really do. I'm sorry that I never get back with you, but it doesn't mean I don't want to - I just lose my discipline or my nerve and end up spending time on other things. I'm sorry, but it's most definitely not you wonderful folk. It's me.

Monday, March 14, 2005

raindrops on roses and whisker on kittens . . .

It was a goodly weekend after all. Friday night K and I hit up Panera Bread and had a scrumtrulescent dinner. Then we sat and read and I got one of their yummy pasteries. mmm. I was so happy. It was also fun to people watch. I love seeing Hickish-looking folk at gourmet places like that. Their Nascar hats and sky-blue leggings look so out of place with the jazz music and the arugula lettuce on their plates. But hey, hats off to them for their taste in field greens! :-D

Saturday we woke up late, tidied up the casa, hung around and did not much of anything. Then we met up with Mr. T (Formerly just "T," but I think I'll refer to him as that from now on - how amusing!) for dinner in Bestheda. We had the nicest waitress who let us work the system on the purchase of cheap, yummy tacos and I tried a margarita (verdict: good, but not my favorite drink in the world). Then we walked around and sat for another spell to talk and drink Amber Boch in "The Barking Dog" tavern. It was a nice, casual evening.

Sunday morning I went to church alone cause hubby couldn't make it. The message was good, and I got so comfortable as to light a candle during communion and sing a little louder. :-) At the end, they announced that there was a luncheon for "young adults" and I decided to show up. I met some really nice people, including one girl I immediately recognized as a former Grover. It was actually odd how many random connections the people with whom I sat had. We had several graphic artists/marketing people. One guy's college best friend was another girl's high school best friend. One guy had gone to Regent Seminary in British Columbia and so did my aunt. It was bizarre-o. I love it when that stuff happens. Whether you think it's God, gods or Fate, it certainly is an appealing idea to the human mind that we never know when someone connected to us will wander across our paths for a purpose.

Later on in the evening we watched the new Arrested Development episode (Motherboy - ha!) and we played with the cat. She's big on this one toy we bought her: a foot-long stick with an elastic string attaching it to a feather-covered, mouse-looking thing on the end. She's ripped most of the colorful long feathers off by now, but the mouse remains. Oh, and it has a tiny bell attached to the mouse. I swear she must just chase it to make the ringing stop! She'll leap into the air and catch it two feet off the ground. She'll chase it in a circle and intercept it at last. She'll jump anywhere, heedless of stability or comfort just to snatch it. She's hilarious! She's constantly yowling for us to play with her, wandering suggestively over to where I dropped it last. She's entertaining, but sometimes I think K may regret his firm criteria that it be a young cat for us to take it. Young cats have a lot of energy!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

thursday already?

I'm so glad the weekend approacheth. It's not like it's been a horrible week, but I'm just looking forward to it more than usual. It's probably because I was sick all last weekend and therefore, it wasn't the mini-vacation God ordained it to be. But I'm not bitter. Or anything.

I'm listening to the Amelie soundtrack right now and I can't believe how long it's been since I did that. I listened to it straight through my last semester at school. I loved it so much that I used "Comptine d'un autre ete" for the family processional song at the wedding. I probably would have used more, but accordian music was roundly vetoed by everyone involved. *pout* The music is just so whimsical and winsome, I can't resist it. Ooo, maybe I should watch that movie again this weekend! I think one of the sexy 2004 members of South Suite 211 had it on DVD and we'd eat from our huge pitcher of Hershey's Kisses and watch delightful French people make us laugh and cry. I think it'd feel like a vacation just to relive a couple of those days . . .

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Why, oh, why was there no Scrubs this week?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

out of the frying pan . . .

My diva-of-a-uterus was paining me on and off this morning and now I know why. I guess I'm not yet done feeling terrible. Praise God I was born in the age of pain-killers, and pass me the little blue pills! This also explains why the neurons weren't exactly firing at peak capacity yesterday. But, though soothing medicines and the knowledge that I'm not crazier than usual are nice, they're just not doing it for me today.

In other news (and every man reading this perks up and shakes off the cold sweats he was experiencing throughout the first paragraph), it's decided to snow today even though yesterday it was 60 degrees and sunny. How grand. At least I can stay in and have some tea and watch my cat watch the world through the window. And work, too, since I now have a few tasks and some online PhotoShop training to keep me busy. I'm glad to have Chopin and Rachmaninoff to keep my day moving in a lyrical direction.

Monday, March 07, 2005

mixed reviews

My body feels much better today. I woke up last night at 3am or so and wandered into the kitchen to gargle salt water. This morning my throat was much improved, so that much have done something. Oh, and the cat woke up with me, mistaking it for morning, I shouldn't wonder. She yawned as she slunk into the kitchen and her eyes narrowed as if to say "I hate Mondays." just like Puss in Boots in Shrek 2. I thought of that and nearly choked mid-gargle. Hmmm, I must sound completely obsessed with my cat. Sadly, that's probably true. *shrug* There are worse fates.

The body may be better, but I can't seem to focus the old bean on anything at all. I'm supposed to have a pretty important call with my boss today. My voice may be up to it, but I don't know that my brain is. It's a good thing she's a patient woman.

Two things are keeping me happy right now: 1) K did his share and then some in keeping the house going and seeing that I had all I needed to be comfortable yesterday, and 2) I talked to my bro on Saturday - the one in the Army! He surprised everyone and showed up last week in MI sometime. He got leave at last! He wants to come visit us and he's thinking of driving down with my other bro in tow. That would make my day. Yay for the men in my life!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

bonding with our newest loved one

Aw! She shares his interests!

This was taken yesterday when Persephone climbed K's bookshelf and wandered around among the volumes for a while. She also spotted K's mouse moving on the screen today and proceeded to stalk it. If she had managed to pounce on his LCD, their friendship would have been summarily terminated, but showing some interest and causing no damage only cemented K's love for her.

Then today we had to skip church to go to a clinic for me. I had that cold last weekend, I got better in three days, and then yesterday I got sick again. This morning my throat felt . . . hmm, words . . . like Percy has used it for a scratching post? Like my tonsils had gotten sick of talking across the aisle of my throat? Meh, "craptastic" suffices under the circumstances. I wanted to make sure it wasn't strep or a flair up of Micoplasmic (sp?) viral pneumonia from my childhood. It wasn't - it was just a viral cold bent on harnessing my cells for mass production. Still, when I came home to lie down on the floor in the office, watch Arrested Development and die, Percy came over and curled up on my stomach and kept me company. What a babe!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

tea and sympathy

I hate waking up on the weekends just because your body is used to a schedule. It's even more frustrating because last night we went to bed late. I had this crossword puzzle that I started to care too much about (anyone know the feeling? - argh!) and K was playing Counter Strike with his cousin from Mass. It was actually quite amusing to hear them using their Nextels while playing.

(chirp)"Hey, you wanna quit this server and find another? These guys are team-killers."(beep)
(chirp)"Yeah, sure. Just let me die real quick."(beep)

Anyhow, I woke up at 7:30 and I tossed and turned a bit but finally got up a little while ago. I wanted to sleep longer, too, because Percy was sleeping on my stomach and she was so sleepy and kittenish and snuggly. I felt like the Mean Ole Monster getting up. But then I played with the string toy K made for her, and it was all good.

Now, on to my morning tea - well my mate (pronounced "MAH-te"). For the uninitiated, mate is practically the national beverage of Argentina and several other Latin/Central-American regions. You place a several tablespoons of it in a small cup-shaped object, often a dried-and-hollowed-out gourd, and you pour hot water and sugar (though that's optional) and then you drink it from a straw with a strainer on the end that prevents you from swallowing the leaves. More info on this site. All my blog readers get a free cultural education! Most of my friends have already gotten this education and they didn't have the benefit of skimming. muhahaha!

My mate, my cat, and perchance a book. It's not so bad being awake, after all. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

Friday, March 04, 2005

it's not just the cat that's riled

When my alarm went off this morning, the weather report was on the radio station I use. They said we'd have a warmer day today. The sun is shining through the blinds and the snow is melting. It looks like Spring, baby, and I'm excited. Plus, I just played with the cat, so I'm a little riled (is that how it's spelled? stupid psuedo-phonetic English language!). I used this toy we got free with her bed - two rubber bouncing balls with metalic streamers at one end that really get her attention. I drag them across the floor and then bounce them off a wall and she chases 'em like a tiny, adorably vicious huntress. Now she's batting at everything that moves - or that she thinks might move. Wait a minute - I think she's started running sprints down the hallway again. What a hoot. Sure makes working a wee bit tough. If only I could get responses back on a couple of design options, I would have more work! Now for some music . . . and focus.

Keane's "Sunshine"
I hold you in my hands
A little animal
And only some idiot would let you go
But if I'm one thing then that's the one thing
I should know

Can anybody find their home?
Out of everyone can anybody find their home?
Lost in the sun can anybody find their home?
Come on, Come on, Come on
Can anybody find their home?

I hold you in cupped hands
And shield you from a storm
Where only some dumb idiot would let you go
But if I'm one thing then that's the one thing
I should know

Persephone's post for my entire workday yesterday Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Meet Persephone

Today, we brought home a new friend. She's a six-month-old kitten rescued from certain doom at the pound by a vetenary assistant with a menagerie at her house. While K drove home, she yowled for a few minutes and eventually settled in to the bottom of the carrier, nuzzling her face against the fingers I thrust through the cage door. She's darling! She can be a cuddle-bug, but she's obviously still a kitten and she rarely stays on one thing for long. She did manage to take a short nap in the linen closet (see picture) where she hung out in the rags and carved out a sleeping spot and another brief nap on Hubster's lap as he sat at his computer. Yup, she's gonna fit in just fine!

Persephone takes an interest in a new toy

the rag shelf in the linen closet seems the perfect napping spot

a quiet night

Last night K and I made a simple dinner and caught up on "24." I was worried about something early in the night, but after we talked about it, I felt much better. In fact, I felt happier than I have in months. I've always been an emotional person, and with growing up has come the realization that I can't connect to my life emotionally like I did when I was younger. Last night, I felt like I used to - content, glad to be there, wanting nothing altered or improved. The funny thing is that nothing important happened last night - we watched some TV, we talked, and we made some plans for getting a kitten (hopefully by the end of this week - :-D) and that was it. Maybe I've just been too much of a drama queen in the past few years - I've expected too much challenge/adventure in my life to be happy with a quiet existence. Oh, I'll never fully lose my Need for the New, but I don't have to fill it every day. Being gone last week and being busy made me realize that I needed peaceful pursuits. I've thought a once or twice that in a few years, I'll kick myself for having been unhappy when I had lazy evenings and less on my plate, but my petulant mind caste aside this chance to redeem the moment and moped some more. I guess last night I was just ready to see it at last for what it is- a good season.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I freakin' graduated - how is this possible?!?!

I scored a 48% on the "How much of a Grover are you?" Quizie! What about you?

Plus, when they asked if I was engaged, I answered "no," and that is not what they probably wanted me to answer considering that I'm MARRIED. I guess I was a bit of a Grover. Now I'm going to my shame cave. Bleh.

A+ for effort!

So my hubby was telling me how much he missed me last week. He has often used the phrase said of Helen of Troy - "the face that launched a thousand ships" - to describe me. Well, he smiled at me yesterday and said I was "the face that sunk a thousand ships." We collapsed into almost instantaneous laughter and didn't stop for five minutes straight. Ai, me! It's like bad fiction.