Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just plain mean.

Yesterday, we had lizard number three in our home. Apparently, we attract them or something. I rescued him from both cats who had staked out his hiding place underneath my camera case, so pictures were out of the question, plus it feels kinda old - how many times can you snap pictures of your cat with a lizard, right?

Some of you are asking how I can take more pictures of my cats PERIOD, but I'm going to pretend you're not. And then share more pictures. Am. cruel.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Highlights and Lowlights

The mood at EAP HQ is dour tonight. My trip to Argentina was shaping up nicely, and then the other shoe dropped - our trip to the south of that great nation is gonna cost us mucho dinero. Uncool! I haven't seen the south (for my purposes that's just north-western Chubut province near Esquel) since I left at age 7, so it's REALLY important that we get there, but it's going to cost us a pretty penny to fly. We could save $400 or more if we were willing to take a 25-30hr bus ride on the way down. Tempting, right? Anyway, it's really put the kibosh on an cheerful disposition plans I had.

Although yesterday, the fine folks at Macy's made a little oopsie! and my friend and I scored $10 Michael Kors jeans like these. It's been keeping me going, let me just say. Apparently, the entire store was running a special of $10 off each pair of jeans, but the Michael Kors selections rang up at $10 instead of $89-99 less $10. Sweet. fancy. Moses. History was made, a couple of pairs each were purchased, we retired to our homes to savor our victories. And call our mothers.

Beyond my exploits in patriotic consumerism, I haven't been doing much. Oh, the friend I mentioned earlier (whom I shall henceforth call "Gringa") showed me a fantastic local Indian restaurant - House of India. I had their Paneer Masala (yuuuuummm) and they gave us a free appetizer. Quite good, and their white leather booths and chic decor doesn't hurt, either.

I would struggle on for a few more paragraphs, but I'm tired, so I'm going to hit the hay. And by "hay" I mean "TV." And by "hit" I mean "watch." Night!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seriously, you've got to try this drink.

I'm sitting here with with a Russian Quaalude (equal parts vodka, Bailey's, and Frangelico, and before you ask, it's DELICIOUS). I've anesthetized, so I'm ready. Let's just rip the band aid off, shall we?

I haven't blogged in ages. My silence is reprehensible, and I'd like to stop hearing about it. Unfortunately, the only way to shut you people up is to do this thing. I'm not sure I remember how.

Where have I gone? Mostly around town, might have been a trip to Oregon that will surely yield fancy photographs. Then I bought some plane tickets for my friend's upcoming nuptials, bought a telephoto lens and some new filters (just got it, cats don't work as subjects, am pursuing other avenues), and started processing my current backlog of 500 photographs after knocking off the 300 from my brother's wedding. That's right, people, I'm positively drowning in RAW files, and it is ALL MY FAULT. Cry for the teched-out middle-class girl, just CRY.

Hmmm, what else, what else? Oh, I saw my brother in Oregon - Brother P from the Army. It was lovely to see him, kibitz, flop around in the Pacific Ocean together (it was cold), and plot our next visit for the holidays. Good times shall be had by all, now we just need to buy the tickets for it.

Speaking of, I have about a month to go before Argentina Fest 2007, Live From That Country Next to Chile. It should be good times, but right now, those times have very little planned about them. It's time to change all that. But I have to stop posting to do it. Hasta, amigos.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shocking, I know.

I'm barely able to keep my eyelids open, but I thought I'd let you know I'm still around, not dead yet, all that. I'm in Indiana for business, but I'm managing to get plenty o' pleasure out of the experience. Obligatory visit to Bonge's, a massage and pedicure at the local day spa (Two services! I got to wear a robe because of it! Uber-exciting!), lunches out - all are being savored.

Unfortunately with that comes a penchant for that second glass of Sangiovese and sleeeeeep. I didn't bring my camera, figuring the current backlog of over 500 pictures is more than enough to keep me hopping without adding any. Instead, I shall savor my moments being lived without the aid of a viewfinder. And maybe drink some water. Phew this heat and toxin-releasing massage stuff sure makes a girl thristy.

You may hate me for complaining about that. I kinda hate me for it, if it makes you feel any better.

P.S. I might have uttered some absurdly drama-queen-esque statement about not knowing when I'd next see friends which is total crap but sure fit the post well last time. I do feel an inkling of that, but I might also have enjoyed a visit from my former suitemate (Shoutout, B!) within 24 hrs and then left for a visit to swampy Indiana, known to harbor many friends, within 48 hrs. I don't want y'all to worry or anything . . .