Monday, June 18, 2007

Fresh Out of Pithy Titles

The weekend hits keep coming! This time J Morgan, Mair, Charles and TheHair all showed at the casa for a fiesta. J Morgan had a birthday so what better way to celebrate that than with too much meat on a grill, Lemon Asparagus Risotto, and a chocolate cake from Whole Foods that killed any self-control I might otherwise have had?

None better, kids.

The posse arrived and we cooked and prepped to our hearts' contents. The meat was purchased at organic/halal establishments in Charlottesville, VA. Nothing but the finest meant we were all stuffed to the gills by the time we were through. Hubster manned the grill and the wine flowed and a fine time was had by all. It was delightful. Wish I could do that every weekend. Okay, not the cleanup, but IT WAS WORTH IT.

The next morning, we got up lazily. I made the obligatory cinnamon rolls (tradition!) and then we headed over to Daedalus Books. J Morgan and Mair had to go to a wedding in the afternoon, but we shopped for quite some time. I bought several books which I will read then forget to blog about like the stack of books currently on my desk. You're welcome.

Hubster had two wisdom teeth removed last Tuesday and he pushed himself a bit hard after taking only a day off, so he started feeling ill and Charles and TheHair decided to leave earlier so he could take it easy. It was sweet, but naturally a little disappointing. "Not wanting it to end" and all that.

He got back on his feet by Sunday morning. After church we did a little shopping to prepare for this weekend's festivities. And then the family calls started. We spent large chunks of the rest of the day on the phone with family which never really happens with us. Of course it was Father's Day so we talked to the dads. Then my family has a ton of stuff to plan in conjunction with this weekend's aforementioned festivities, so of course we had to discuss the wedding gift and who/what/where/how much. We managed to decide on something, but then I had to go and volunteer to make something to go with it. (Sorry about the ambiguity, but it hasn't been given yet, so mum's the word. Okay, "vague's the word.") I managed to make it yesterday night in one fell swoop despite my relative lack of experience with certain aspects of its construction. Also, my sewing machine totally needed to be oiled and I'm fresh out of that. I hope I haven't ruined it by my laziness.

Anyway, then my mother had a line on a cheap and awesome laptop and my brother had a line on the skydiving the groomsman and groom are going to be doing this week for the bachelor party (I KNOW!) and then . . . oh, we had to plan Hubster's family's visits - and yeah, that's plural - in the next few weeks. AAIIIIII!

Needless to say I got to bed too late last night, but I did get a lot accomplished but, as I may have mentioned before, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Mair said...

Glad to hear K is feeling better. Thanks for hosting us this weekend. It was, as always, a delight. Have a blast with your family this weekend!

RedHurt said...

Is "TheHair" J-Bomb? I can't wait to see you guys in Portland. And I promise I'll bring you your books back. I feel quite irresponsible for not having mailed them to you.

Mair said...

you are irresponsible RJ. Only irresponsible people pee with the door open. ;o)

E.A.P said...

Mair - Be nice to RJ. Oh, and you're welcome for hosting. I WILL enjoy my family this weekend, but only because you said so.

Redhurt - I love reading that people owe me things. It's better when it's money, but it's still nice. Please don't trouble yourself to mail them. Portland will do nicely. Oh, and yes, "The Hair" = "J-Bomb" I explain the origins of the name here.

sis-in-law said...

Wait a minute...does this mean you MADE that cute little blue bag with the little red zipper pull that our camera came in?!? NO. WAY. So cute! I had no idea! Thank you, again! Your mad skills never cease to amaze me.