Monday, August 18, 2008

BASTA. (or Enough Already!)

I've been avoiding the Fyf like an ex-boyfriend. It stops now. I'm not sure what starts up now, but at least I won't be waffling mentally (as painful as it sounds, and no, there's no delicious syrup involved) about whether to write promising more writing, to write promising to end this thing once and for all, or to write in order to waffle on the blog about the blog.

Ahem, does anyone else have a headache? Now do you understand the avoidance?

Anyhoodle, the time has come to stop with the waffles and start with the facing o' the problems: I haven't written in WAY too long. And I think I might want to change that. Stay tuned. Or tune out. But at least I acknowledged the elephant in the room: the waffles.

Incoherent Drama Queen w/ Broadband Connection OUT.


Bethany said...

Seriously, I haven't visited your blog in quite some time, because, well, nothing to read. Yet, today, the day you happen to write.. I randomly click the button that has you bookmarked and tada.... new content. SWEET! Write on sister!

Carrie said...


Mair said...

i just love you so much!

lvs said...


contralto said...

Oh, this is so awesome: my verification word is 'labuf', as in 'Shia LaBuf'.

..what's that? Oh I see. Well, she was still hot in 'Wild Things'.