Monday, August 27, 2007

Highlights and Lowlights

The mood at EAP HQ is dour tonight. My trip to Argentina was shaping up nicely, and then the other shoe dropped - our trip to the south of that great nation is gonna cost us mucho dinero. Uncool! I haven't seen the south (for my purposes that's just north-western Chubut province near Esquel) since I left at age 7, so it's REALLY important that we get there, but it's going to cost us a pretty penny to fly. We could save $400 or more if we were willing to take a 25-30hr bus ride on the way down. Tempting, right? Anyway, it's really put the kibosh on an cheerful disposition plans I had.

Although yesterday, the fine folks at Macy's made a little oopsie! and my friend and I scored $10 Michael Kors jeans like these. It's been keeping me going, let me just say. Apparently, the entire store was running a special of $10 off each pair of jeans, but the Michael Kors selections rang up at $10 instead of $89-99 less $10. Sweet. fancy. Moses. History was made, a couple of pairs each were purchased, we retired to our homes to savor our victories. And call our mothers.

Beyond my exploits in patriotic consumerism, I haven't been doing much. Oh, the friend I mentioned earlier (whom I shall henceforth call "Gringa") showed me a fantastic local Indian restaurant - House of India. I had their Paneer Masala (yuuuuummm) and they gave us a free appetizer. Quite good, and their white leather booths and chic decor doesn't hurt, either.

I would struggle on for a few more paragraphs, but I'm tired, so I'm going to hit the hay. And by "hay" I mean "TV." And by "hit" I mean "watch." Night!


Mair said...

I love Indian food! I have a cookbook that tells how to make paneer. I might try it sometime, but am intimidated.

JMC said...

I think the bus trip could be fun. Use some of the money you save on flights to buy a cool digital voice recorder and then make an audio slideshow of the trip. When you're done, you could edit the audio into a travel journalism piece and submit it to some NPR programs or, based on the audio, write an essay and submit it to some travel publications. I think that would be amazing

MofBE said...

I wonder if they would ring up that way here in Day-twa? Tempted to try-I'm down a size after doing WW for a month!

E.A.P said...

Mair - you and me both.

JMC - After talking it over with my dad and learning that all but 5 hours of the drive are boring and unenlighting, I've decided to fly most of the way and take the 5-hr drive that's pretty by bus once we arrive. As to becoming a Travel Writer? I have no good excuse. Except laziness - that's always effective.

MofBE - sorry I missed your previous comment. I had to dig to find it. Thanks for stopping by and saying nice things about me and my site. Congrats on the WW success, and feel free to stop by any time. Good luck finding jeans!