Thursday, August 23, 2007

Seriously, you've got to try this drink.

I'm sitting here with with a Russian Quaalude (equal parts vodka, Bailey's, and Frangelico, and before you ask, it's DELICIOUS). I've anesthetized, so I'm ready. Let's just rip the band aid off, shall we?

I haven't blogged in ages. My silence is reprehensible, and I'd like to stop hearing about it. Unfortunately, the only way to shut you people up is to do this thing. I'm not sure I remember how.

Where have I gone? Mostly around town, might have been a trip to Oregon that will surely yield fancy photographs. Then I bought some plane tickets for my friend's upcoming nuptials, bought a telephoto lens and some new filters (just got it, cats don't work as subjects, am pursuing other avenues), and started processing my current backlog of 500 photographs after knocking off the 300 from my brother's wedding. That's right, people, I'm positively drowning in RAW files, and it is ALL MY FAULT. Cry for the teched-out middle-class girl, just CRY.

Hmmm, what else, what else? Oh, I saw my brother in Oregon - Brother P from the Army. It was lovely to see him, kibitz, flop around in the Pacific Ocean together (it was cold), and plot our next visit for the holidays. Good times shall be had by all, now we just need to buy the tickets for it.

Speaking of, I have about a month to go before Argentina Fest 2007, Live From That Country Next to Chile. It should be good times, but right now, those times have very little planned about them. It's time to change all that. But I have to stop posting to do it. Hasta, amigos.


Mair said...

Sounds like a really yummy drink.

lvs said...

Tickets!! We just bought tickets!!! Are we talking about KD's wedding? And that I will see you there? :-D!