Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shocking, I know.

I'm barely able to keep my eyelids open, but I thought I'd let you know I'm still around, not dead yet, all that. I'm in Indiana for business, but I'm managing to get plenty o' pleasure out of the experience. Obligatory visit to Bonge's, a massage and pedicure at the local day spa (Two services! I got to wear a robe because of it! Uber-exciting!), lunches out - all are being savored.

Unfortunately with that comes a penchant for that second glass of Sangiovese and sleeeeeep. I didn't bring my camera, figuring the current backlog of over 500 pictures is more than enough to keep me hopping without adding any. Instead, I shall savor my moments being lived without the aid of a viewfinder. And maybe drink some water. Phew this heat and toxin-releasing massage stuff sure makes a girl thristy.

You may hate me for complaining about that. I kinda hate me for it, if it makes you feel any better.

P.S. I might have uttered some absurdly drama-queen-esque statement about not knowing when I'd next see friends which is total crap but sure fit the post well last time. I do feel an inkling of that, but I might also have enjoyed a visit from my former suitemate (Shoutout, B!) within 24 hrs and then left for a visit to swampy Indiana, known to harbor many friends, within 48 hrs. I don't want y'all to worry or anything . . .

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Carrie said...

OK I had to comment that I'm reading along like I make people do on my blog. So...I have been reading along!

Ahh a massage sounds heavenly!