Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Conference + Holiday = No Posting

So our convention in Florida went well. Sales were up, companionship was great, food was good to FANTASTIC, and . . . (drum roll please) I GOT TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD!

This was my first trip to Florida, and it took me a grand total of 24 hrs to end up in Disney World. I credit on Bee, partner in crime, and our other convention rep, whom I shall call AquaWoman, who once worked at Disney's Living Seas exhibit (now Nemo themed, of course) in Epcot (look out, that page has audio - annoying!). She got us two free tickets, so all we had to do was buy one and split the difference for an entire day. Sweet fancy Moses.

We walked around the countries, we went Soarin' (highly recommended, by the by), we ate lunch in Morocco (Restaurant Marrakesh, by name), and we tried all kinds of Coca Cola Products from around the world. Plus the weather was perfect - warm and breezy. I'm sure the results might have been different if I'd had to sweat my way through the day, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes, I did bring my big camera, despite some question about doing that as I packed, and all the snaps are on flickr. The entire park was in bloom for the Spring, and I got a ton of fabulous flower snaps. I can't even identify them all. Not that I'm a botany buff or anything.

Speaking of buff (love that segue), I am a known food buff, and Bee and I got some seriously good food at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at Downtown Disney. I had Pan-roasted Mahi-Mahi with fingerling potatoes and a delicious peach drink called a Bellini something-or-other. I also enjoyed the Banana Beignets, a smashing dessert that hit the spot. Seriously insane food. Not so great prices, but well worth the experience. The service was fantastic - our waitress, and especially the hostess were wonderful. The hostess convinced us not to skimp and go through their cafe dining (cheaper, lighter menu) and instead to hold out for dining room seating. Later on in the meal, she checked in on us to see how we were getting on. She certainly made us feel welcome, flip-flops and all.

We hadn't planned on hitting that restaurant up, but then we didn't plan much of our extracurriculars this time around. We never even hit up the four outdoor pools we could see from our hotel window. That might be a crime, especially when this is where we were staying. Best laid plans, and all that. Next year, I'm going to make sure we plan ahead and do some more Disney, I think. And maybe a little sittin' by the pool.

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Mair said...

OMG!! You went to Disney?! (And I just used teen-speak??) That's awesome. I went there in 1st grade. I bet it's actually cooler as a grown up. Did I see a jack fruit in your pictures? Weird stuff. Not sure if I like it or not. We had our fair share in Uganda...it's just so...sticky.