Monday, May 21, 2007

A Feast for the Palette, Then a Feast for the Mind

We had such a good weekend, that I shudder to think how many things would be left out of any run-on sentence purporting to summarize its greatness. Even that one.

Zoofari is described here, but basically, over 100 restaurants and wine purveyors set up booths and give out free food and drinks for a few hours in the National Zoo. It's delicious. 1789 gave out lamb chops in the most delicious sauce I've ever tasted in my entire life. L'Oustalet gave out samples of beef roasted in the best gravy ever - I distinctly tasted orange in the gravy and was floored. Pinzimini gave out olives, pasta with gruyere and asparagus, and tiramisu. That's pretty much all my buttons right there. Anyway, well worth attending, might even be worth paying to attend in the future when we can't get free tickets because mmmmmmm. Also, I might have gotten TWO samples of Chateau Ste Michelle's amazing wines. My taste buds were very happy with their Dry Riesling.

J Morgan and Mair gave us the use of their car all week whilst they were on vacation and then stayed overnight Friday when they returned. We had such a good time. We grilled out on Saturday, made a side-trip to IKEA, and stretched more than one joke riff to the breaking point before diving into another line of reasoning. They had to leave Saturday, but we've already got our next visit planned, so it was easier to wave goodbye.

Now it's Monday night. I had a great conversation with Hubster about my career/school aspirations and a lot more. We'll see where it leads, but it was nice to wrap up some loose threads of thinking. All the eating, the smiling, and now thinking sure take a lot out of you, though. I need some beauty rest, kids. Good night.

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Mair said...

E, Darling, you are beautiful with or without your 'beauty' rest. :o)

Miss you (already).