Sunday, May 20, 2007

Randomized Midweek Photographic Goodness

Persephone, in a rare sojourn beyond the walls of our luxurious home. Totally not into being photographed with all these SMELLS around.

The scene - Tuesday night, Non-Virtual Fyfdom, grilling out, hanging out on our decrepit (now fixed) back stairs, life is good.

Kebabs on the grill. Cue salivation.

Confined kitty, yearning to be free.

I have no idea why, but I think I really like this picture.

Two of kind. Okay, in no respect are we two of a kind, but it sounded nice for a second there.

Parting shot. Because she is so deliciously cute, my tiny-tiger/cheetah-belly.

Photo Credits to Hubster.


Em said...

I love the hat.

J. Morgan Caler said...

Nice stairs, they look to be sturdied by expert hands.

Mair said...

that picture of you and the little is really great. Good one, Mr.P!