Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Linking Wednesday

1. We start out strong today with these musical words: beer power.

2. Honeybee populations across the country are declining because of a mysterious killer, and it might affect our food considering that 1/3 of our crops are pollinated byinsects, mostly honeybees. Someone help before we can't find avocados, asparagus, or cherries for love nor money!

3. Slate's Human Guinea Pig, Emily Yoffe takes one for the team to find out "What happened when I followed The Secret's advice for two months." A satisfyingly sarcastic take on following a stupid book's advice.

4. Back to food. This article purports to tell you which food to eat for your mood. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. It's certainly interesting.

5. Inside the Bridal Industrial Complex. That's basically what author Rebecca Mead did to write her new book, and the NYTimes talks about the book and the experience of walking through the Great Bridal Expo with her. This article is behind the registration screen at this point, but her book is called One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding.

6. And the last one I found through dooce. Pictures, with captions, of Disapproving Rabbits. It's pretty awesome. My fav so far: "Hazel practices her disapprove-fu, allowing her to disapprove in any direction at any time."

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