Thursday, July 05, 2007

Am Loving . . .

Eating watermelon with feta cheese. Sounds gross but is actually a delicious taste explosion in your mouth. Plus you've got your wonder fruit with your relatively-healthy cheese (I used reduced-fat feta which tastes delicious) so it's a great snack. Stop your looking askance and TRY IT.

Watching Doctor Who on TV Links (Hat tip to Jackscolon for helping me find that). That website isn't perfect as streaming video goes, but it'll do in a pinch and it's got tons of shows, including awesome British shows we rarely see over here.

Finding good deals on fabric at JoAnn. They may suck at selection and pricing on their fabrics usually, but good finds to be had in their Spring Fabric Sale. I found some awesome yellow eyelet for a skirt and some decent purse/makeup bag fabrics. I got everything for $3 per yard or less. Huzzah!

Eating homemade lasagna. It may be a pain in the butt to cook, but it's wonderful to eat. Also? Oodles of yummy (freezable) leftovers.

What are you loving?


Neil said...

try adding some baby arugula on top of that watermelon and feta salad. Amazing! I had it at a restaurant, and it blew me away - amazing summer dish (they prepared it with chunks of feta on the bottom, small cubes of watermelon piled neatly on top, and then baby arugula on top of that. It was a really cute presentation).

I'm loving: "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin. Great book -

Bee said...

I'm loving my new lip color, Legendary, by Mac. It's their Pro Longwear and it actually stays on all day.

Also, reading "Kite Runner" for the second time. This time for a book club. I've never done a book club before so I'm super excited.

Finally, loving that I get to see you in less than a week! sweet action jackson!

Mair said...

I'm loving:

My purple area rug.

The Bean.

Bing Cherries.

Cable tv.