Monday, July 02, 2007

Pooper Goes to the Vet

Today I took Persephone to the vet. It did not go down well.

She meowed loudly and incessantly once I managed to drop her into the cat carrier - I had to tip it upward and put her into it because I couldn't push her in horizontally nor coax her in with treats. She continued meowing all the way to the vet's office. She sat in the waiting room where she would alternately meow in a sort of bellowing fashion and stare intently at everything, including the large cage containing a couple of kittens waiting to be adopted. She hissed at them occasionally, just to prove she was boss, and then began hissing at the room in general. With all the food on one wall and her inability to get a bite, maybe that's why.

Then began the exam where she protested having her temperature taken (although who can blame her since it was a rectal reading - fun!) and then she started wandering all over the room while we waited for the vet. She did nuzzle a wall-mounted machine that looked like it took blood pressure. She was none-too pleased at having her body examined, and the vaccines were RIGHT OUT OF THE QUESTION, YOU BASTARDS (insert hisses, growls, and violent evasion techniques). But we got out the door with a sound bill of health, except for her weight. She's a little overweight and we're going to put her on prescription weight-loss food for a while until we get her back in fighting shape.

At least she didn't poop in her carrier. Like last time.

And you thought we called her Pooper for laughs.

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Jackscolon said...

What a pussy.