Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rain Out

Happy Independence Day! I was supposed to spend it initiating some local friends to the actual DC festivities, but then the weather said something about scattered thunderstorms, some severe enough to cause "large hail." Um, how about not. Instead we ate our picnic dinner on their living room floor - baguette sandwiches with potato salad and (spiked) lemonade. Then we went out to a movie, got Ben & Jerry's kiddie cones for dessert and then I came home.

The movie we saw was their choice, License to Wed, and it wasn't good. I liked Mandy Moore during her guest stint on Scrubs, but her part, along with the plot, script, comedic bits, and even the soundtrack were formulaic and blah. I like a good chick flick and I will coo and cry with the best of them, but this? No. Don't get me started on the overdone jokes about marriage. Still, it wasn't impossible to watch and my friends were having fun, so it was fine. I'm just lamenting that the Ratatouille showing was inconvenient because I almost got them to see that. I swear I'm going to see that movie if I have to buy a ticket and GO ALONE, darn it!

The rest of the night was fun, though, and I'm glad I went. Hubster's out of town at the moment, so he couldn't complain about the movie choice. I might not otherwise have gone out with the chicas. The picnic and ice cream hit the spot. Happy Birthday, US of A. And many more.


Bee said...

I'm FINALLY caught up on your blog! I've felt so behind. Of course I have no one to blame but myself and my laziness but whatever. I'm back to current. Also... Cali is only DAYS AWAY! Can't wait! I think I can smell the In 'N' Out burger now.

Jackscolon said...

I suspected that movie was terrible. Characters from the Office don't translate well into movies (see Jenna Fischer in Blades of Glory, the temp in Reign Over Me, Dwight in Entourage). My personal opinion is that the format of the show (mockumentary, no laugh track, lack of completely stale typical sitcom jokes) leads me to think of them more as real people than as actors, and I have trouble letting this go when seeing them in other movies.

Also, the last time a Robin Williams movie looked funny to me was at least a decade ago, and it was Mrs. Doubtfire. Hey-o!