Saturday, January 15, 2005

25 moves later . . .

Good morning, all! I usually prefer sleeping in or at least lounging in bed for another hour, but duty calls today. We're moving. Yes, indeedy. Our living room is covered in boxes, and we still haven't packed it all. K and I have a ton of work to do today and I am not looking forward to it. If I were gazing at the sunny side of the street, I might say I get bored with the same old lazy Saturdays and this is a change of pace. (chuckle) Riiiiiight.

I'm getting sick of the whole process since I've moved a lot in my day. My family moved 4 times in Argentina (maybe more, I was little, what did I know?), 1 big continental move to the US of A, 4 moves in Michigan, and then there's all the packing/unpacking quasi-moves of college. I also worked out of state for two summers in Indiana and those years I'd have to do that whole process 5 times in a year: move out of college, in to my parents, out to IN, back in to my parents and back to school. Ewwy. Oh, and there was the 3-part move to VA just 6 months ago.

I will admit that moving is a good impetus to get rid of stuff that just hangs around in your closets and cupboards. I always think of that folksy proverb about "your possessions owning you." I gotta say that sounds silly until I'm staring at 813 bottles of smelly lotion and I feel I need to have a really good excuse to trash some. This move I've decided there will be no stockholder's meeting to determine if I can be rid of one their own. I will be ruthless. It's not going as spectatularly as I planned. Maybe if they were someone else's lotions. Mine are giving me the stink-eye since I finally dumped my VS Enchanted Apple Body Lotion.

Yikes, I should run along and finish packing. Wish me luck!

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