Tuesday, January 18, 2005

did you say IKEA?

Sunday we discovered that we didn't have enough space for everything from the old place, and yesterday we drove down to pick up another carload. It was strange to look at our possessions torn from their reference points. A pot in the living room, the guitar by the front door, blankets in the bedroom in the middle of the floor. They looked rather lonely just sitting there, waiting to be chosen to go. (Great, now I'm thinking of Toy Story - THE CLAW! The claw chooses who will stay and who will go . . . )

After we had unpacked everything and thrown it into the madhouse that is our living room right now, we set off on a trip to (reverent gasp) I K E A. Now, I went to an IKEA once before in Germany, but I was 13 at the time. It inspired a lengthy phase of interior designer aspirations, but it didn't yield any furniture purchases since my allowance wasn't really flexible enough to fund overseas trips and retro-60's, Nordic-designed coffee tables with storage and style. Ah, simpler times.

Now that I might have enough money, and certainly have enough credit to buy some nice, new, sleek, shiny, modern, rockin', and cool things for our home, it's tougher to say no. We managed this time by telling ourselves we were just looking for next week, when K told me we can go back with measurements in hand to get some things and then plot our acquisitions for the future. Look out Tunhem Bookshelves! yeehaw!

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