Thursday, January 20, 2005

My kingdom for a paper towel!

K and I have been steadily watching through every season of West Wing to date. The show has its moments, but I'm often surprised at it's quality. The humor is just the sort I like and the serious content is stimulating and often poignant. Anyway, enough plugging the show, on to its relevance to me dream life.

The day before we moved in we were up here getting prep work done and I saw this disgusting spider in the hallway. It was walking around in slow circles on the carpet. It was black. It was pretty large for a house spider. Okay, fine, it was like 1" square, but it was particularly creepy-looking. All I could do was stare in what a Victorian novelist might term "horrid fascination" as it gracefully tripped across the carpet fibers. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Blehh! K heroically killed it for me, but we had no paper towels there at the time, so he didn't dispose of the remains. Every day and night since we moved in then, there was this spider carcass in the hallway. I noticed it every time I walked by but I couldn't bring myself to pick it up. I don't care how many paper towels you put between me and a dead bug - it's not happening!

So a couple of nights ago I had a dream that I worked at the White House. I think I was a much shorter CJ Cregg. I had to go downstairs to see someone in the basement offices. As I rounded one of the bends in the hall, there was a big ole rattlesnake just hanging out. Of course at the sight of me, it drew itself into warning/attack posture and started that stupid tail whipping thing that has now become associated as much with it as with toys to distract crying babies (*irony alert*). I sprang back and high-tailed it upstairs and called White House Pest Control. They cleaned it up and it became one the comedic portions of the day (show?) and no one was hurt.

Well, what have we learned about Erica's subconscious today?
Self = highly-successful TV White House Press Secretary
spider carcass = rattlesnake
husband = pest control

"Okay, folks, that's a full lid."


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Poopsmith: Your style is random, brilliant, and confusing. You possess a rapier wit. But you stink. Take a shower. And comment early and often! :-D