Monday, January 24, 2005

Goodbye, old apartment!

Yesterday K and I braved the weather (ha! it was sunny and all the roads were clean as whistles. Whistles, I say!) and made one final trip to VA. K packed up the rest of our belongings in the car while I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom . We turned in our keys, and that was that! It's odd to be living through the days you know you'll chronicle later to your children. "When your father and I were first married, we lived in this little apartment and we had no furniture at all, but we were happy there." It sounds so much like the things my mother used to say to me as a child, except it was often followed by something like " . . . so appreciate your furniture and stop running into it every time you enter the room." *sniff* I was a klutzy child.

Anyhow, other than that, we've been watching a bit o' West Wing, unpacking here and there and staying inside for most of the weekend. This week we have some exciting times between doing some big stock-up shopping trips and some furniture shopping. Rock on with our bad selves!

It's back to work for me. Stay safe and warm out there!

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