Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Alive and Backspacing

Okay, y'all, I'm here. I'm typing away on someone's keyboard, trying desperately not to burn out the backspace button because UNFAMILIAR KEYBOARDS SUCK. But you know, I'm slogging through it all for you, and for the ongoing health of the Fyf.

HOW ARE YOU? Comment levels have declined in recent weeks, so I feel like I just don't know what's up in your lives. I know this blog is all about me but sometimes, even I get curious.

Anyway, back to me. I've been feeling really awful on and off since Saturday. I start to get abdominal cramps and my digestive tract has been totally off. This is, of course, just the sort of thing you enjoy when travelling in the United States of America. Is this outer Oogabooga in another hemisphere? NO, it's Indiana, people. INDIANA. GAH! I got freaked out and thought I might be (gasp) pregnant, so I took a test. YEAH, I was THAT freaked out about it. Negative, so it must be something else (the low fever I've been running on and off made me think it was bacterialogical anyway, but I still got freaked out because HELLO: BABY!). (That last parenthesis was out of control.)

Anyhow, other than that, I've been having a grand time here, and it's even been fairly productive. Fortunately, I had much less to tackle over this visit than I usually do, so that helps. Oh, I had dinner here, which seems to be chain, so if you've got one locally, treat yourself to some Halibut Cheeks in Lemon Caper Butter Sauce. Although Kincaid's, listen up: you can't put the word "halibut" right in front of the word "cheeks" and not expect even the most mature individual to stifle (with varying levels of success) a giggle. Please, help us all: just call it halibut, okay? Also, great job on the creme brulee. De. lish.

Okay, back to talking to you. I'll be here tomorrow for most of the day, but I'll arrive home tomorrow night. Maybe Thursday I'll get to posting more regularly. Till then, I shall attempt to get over this bug, pack up all of the crap I have acquired through shopping in Nebraska, AND come up with some good posts for my return. Not much, right?


Mair said...

There have been a few times when I thought I was pregnant. Then I realize, I take the pill everyday...I've never EVER missed one. I take it at roughly the same time...and all things considered it is virtually impossible that I would be pregnant. (Yes, I trust modern contraceptives that much!). So, I convince myself that I am neurotic. Maybe I walk down the pregancy test aisle at the drug store...steal a glance and say, "What?!?! $10 for a pee stick????!!! I'm definitely not pregant." - because I'm more cheap than I am paranoid. Plus, I realize if I am pregnant, it will become obvious soon enough.

The Quotable Hannah said...

I am the cog in your works.

I am the dilly in your dally.

I am the speck of who the heck knows what floating in your tap water.

That's right: I am the baby that was conceived during birth control use.

sbp said...

You were in Indiana...and you didn't call???


Mair said...

Dear Quotable Hanna,
Your poem is great. But, I have to point out, you were conceived 20-something years ago with birth control use. I think it's come along way. Yes, there is a small chance of an "oopps!" but, it's slim, especially when used correctly (absolutely, perfectly correctly). Sorry - I taught sex ed one summer. What can I say??

Don Quixote said...

In college, I used to study with a girl who always took her birth control in the evening. On more than one occasion, she would open up her little "wheel of pills" and say, "Please tell me it's Tuesday. PLEASE tell me it's Tuesday." It was NOT Tuesday...

The Quotable Hannah said...

Ha! I never thought of birth control progressions! And I'm glad for them.
How does one teacher sex ed for a summer?!

Mair said...

It's called Peer Education. I worked at place called The Family Health Council. We did programs for kids who were in summer "school" type things - usually, poor, disadvantaged, or delinquent kids. It was a cool job and I loved it.