Thursday, April 13, 2006

Loose Thread Post

As many of you know, continuity is most certainly NOT king around here. That might be because I AM TSARINA HERE. And I'm rather capricious. I've decided to be benevolent for once and fill in the blanks. Hang on to your peasanty hats!

1. My inner child's bid at legal emancipation was dismissed because of a lack of evidence. This is precisely why my inner adult pays her lawyers the big bucks.

2. I'm still super whiny about any missed time with my husband. Not to him, though. And I've been trying to tone it down to you. Look at me being benevolent all over the place!

3. My cat's still super adorable and also crazy. Last night, I was finishing up a template draft for a friend (setting up a loose thread in the wrap-up post - sweet fancy Moses!) downstairs and I had the lights on. Usually I'm downstairs when it's light out, so without any ambient light, there were a lot more shadows than usual. Loki caught sight of the shadow of her tail and GAVE CHASE. TO HER OWN TAIL. What a disaster she is. When she got tired of that, she flopped down on her side and stared at me as if I was the crazy one while a sliver of her tongue peeked out of her mouth. She occasionally does that. I have yet to get photographic evidence, but you may take my word for it that it is AWESOME.

4. I fixed the link to yogabeans! in this post. Go there now.

5. I asked this question here if I could wear the "the full skirts that all those boho/mid-century fashion freaks tell me are too popular to ignore anymore." This post was an attempt to answer that question whilst assuaging shopping guilt. I'm happy to report that it was a success on all counts. I think I like the look, the internet agrees and gives its blessing to my spending the cold hard dough (oxymoronic?), PLUS I totally didn't have new Easter clothes, and now I do. A perfect storm of justification!

6. Remember that time that I said I'd tell you all about Nebraska? Yeah, well, I'm cheating and linking B's post because HELLOOO! This post is taking forever with the ceaseless, endless, stoppage-less linking! Seriously!

7. For those of you who read the same entry and immediately started prepping your "you totally took the test wrong, I just KNEW you were pregnant the minute you said something, HAHAHA" speeches? I took another test recently and it was totally and unambiguously negative. Don't think I don't see you forming a more refined version of the SAME SPEECH for the comments section just as soon as I get wise to what you already know - you just KNOW IT. Pathetic! I'M NOT PREGNANT. THERE WILL BE NO VERBOSE, STUBBORN, AND HIDEOUSLY BOSSY MINI ERICA'S WALKING AROUND FOR SOME TIME TO COME. I would think you'd be grateful!

8. The lab still hasn't returned their verdict on just exactly which nasty microbial is making me its BEEP. Fortunately, a lot of the symptoms have calmed down. Unfortunately, that's because I've been sticking to my life-sentence of bland food and I'm fast approaching the limit of my patience with it. I'm getting ready to dive into that box of FatBoy icecream sandwiches in my freezer and follow that up with cocktails and a side of Chipotle burritos.

I believe that covers everything. Of course I'm probably wrong about that, but that's why the Lord created commenting, and lo, it is a wonderful thing.


Jackscolon said...
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Jackscolon said...

Burritos should help you poop.