Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Linking Wednesday

1. The Fametracker Daily Poll today was just way too much fun:

2. Also funny? The list they made of upcoming Keifer roles.

3. I told myself I wasn't going to link from McSweeneys because I ALWAYS DO THAT. But this is too good to hide under a bushel. "Old Jokes, Updated to Make Them Even Older." For instance (and I'm giggling as I type this - apparently I can't even tell a joke WHILE THE INTERNET IS NOT LOOKING DIRECTLY AT ME):

"Why is six afraid of seven?"
"Because VII-VIII-IX!"

4. I read an article in a Radar magazine that Hubster brought home during their brief period as a fully-functioning gossip rag. I have no idea where he found it, but it had its amusing sections. One of them was an article about Norah Vincent, a woman who impersonated a man for more than a year and wrote a book about it. Anyway, here she is meeting up with a male writer who wants to make himself more butch. It's pretty funny. Your tidbit: "Vincent suggested that I take some vocal training to lower my voice, as she did for her book. 'It's not the timbre but the intonation. You're a questioner. You don't have the sense that you know exactly what you're talking about.' Apparently, I talk like a Canadian."

5. This is a mildly amusing Star Wars-esque movie poster for Arrested Development. Worth a giggle for lovers of the show.

I hope you enjoy this morsels of mirth. I'll be leaving tomorrow and I won't be home until Sunday evening. I'll write if I can, but otherwise, enjoy your weekend and what little remains of April.

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