Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bananas Foster

It's been a busy, good-food-coma-inducing couple of days. The company cookout meat of choice? Filet, marinated for a couple of days. Lunch today? Lunch steaks with steamed vegetables at Lonestar Steakhouse. Plus - French Onion soup. TWICE TODAY. 'Nuff said.

I went tubing at the cookout. I rode on my stomach so I'm really sore in my back and shoulders from trying to angle the tube to catch air and the like. I got a workout, but at what cost? One must ask oneself when each breath is a wee bit trying. If I'm just sitting and it's achy? PROBLEMS.

Meetings, all the time meetings with work. Most are fruitful, but I get the sneaking suspicion that I won't remember WORD ONE of them when I'm staring at some deadlines. Stupid rebellious brain. Still, more food tomorrow. Maybe the brain will straighten up and fly right with all this delicious sensory experience to sort through rather than just meeting notes.

I had Bananas Foster with the bosses tonight for dessert. Superb dessert when done properly. They cooked it tableside at Eddie Merlot's, and it was amazing. Cinnamon, dark rum, bananas, and vanilla bean ice cream. Paradise on a plate. Or a shallow bowl. I'M TIRED, OKAY?

Oh, and to brighten up your Thursday, I found this at the home of "Open Letters to People or Entities who are Unlikely to Respond," because our bathroom ants must occasionally communicate with this guy's variety.


Mair said...

Bananas Foster is Josh's favorite dessert! :o)

J. Morgan Caler said...

Bananas Foster is my favorite dessert! :0)

lvs said...

Once, kayaking on the Green River last summer, I ran across a party of tubers. There must have been twenty-five of them, all heavy, sunburnt rednecks enjoying a lazy day on the river. My favorite, however, was a woman smoking a cigarette with one hand while holding a string attatched to another tube in the other hand. In the other tube was a cooler filled with beer.