Tuesday, July 12, 2005

sorry. SORRY!

I know it's been a while since I posted, but I was busy with this:

Every time I look at this, I get the giggles.

Oh, man. Never fails. Objectively, I think my cat is the cutest, funniest thing ever. I mean, LOOK AT THAT EXPRESSION. That is the expression of one who can understand the humor in the situation. Indeed.

Anyhow, our anniversary away was lovely! We stayed near Dupont Circle. We had dinner at i Ricchi - which I HIGHLY recommend. I had the most delicious jumbo shrimp kebob and K had some halibut in white wine & lemon sauce that was amazing. It was a good place for a special night, although it was definitely in the moderately expensive category if you ordered soup and salad (a la carte menus - weeeee), but with the heat, who wants more food weighing them down? Not too shabby for just walking around and winging it! We had white chocolate mousse cake for dessert at the hotel lounge and then enjoyed some smuggled-in champagne we chilled in the ice bucket. The next morning we hit up Starbucks for breakfast (Didn't your mother tell you to eat all your Seven Layer bar so you could grow up healthy and strong? Oh, well mine insisted on it!) and then wandering around Lafayette Park with a view to the White House and the swarm of tourists. It was hot, but we found a shady bench and people-watched for a long time. Then we metroed home just in time to greet Persephone who pulled our favorite move, simultaneously flopping down on the carpet to be petted and squeaking. We've taken to calling it The Flop-Squeak. Here's to many more. Anniversaries, I mean. Aw, heck, we'll more more Flop-Squeaks, too. Why not?

The National Geographic Building works its flowerbeds


Neil said...

happy anniversary, you crazy kids :)

Sarah said...

erica your married and no longer erica sommerville. i keep forgetting thats not your last name anymore. Happy Anniversary

Mair said...

That picture is so great! How is she that long???? Glad to hear you had a nice time in DC. Hope to talk to you soon!

J. Morgan Caler said...

i Ricchi has an UNBELIEVABLY great wine list. Good choice friends and all the best on your second married trip around the sun. Cheers.

E.A.P said...

Thanks for all the congrats (also those from the previous post's comments)!

mair - she's a pretty long-torsoed cat, but the pose exaggerates it, plus her lighter-colored fur fluffs around her rear legs and makes her look like she's wearing a tutu - ha!

j. morgan caler - the wine list WAS awesome. It's tough to get whole bottles on a budget, however, so I chose from their daily, by-the-glass offerings and found a Dolcetto to knock my socks off! The waitress' words were "fruity Chianti" and I think I agree. It really worked well with food. It's too bad Dolcettos are so hard to find in retail stores. :-/

Which "sarah" is this? Just give me a last initial so I know who you are and thank you properly. It just doesn't seem sincere when I don't know which person I'm sending good vibes to. ;)