Monday, July 18, 2005

personal best

This morning I hopped a flight to Indiana for a little company HQ action. I'm meeting the co-worker I haven't yet seen face to face, and I'm working out the kinks for my new position with the person who's leaving it to me. And there's a company cookout, some nights on the town, and a lot of joking around and talking about nerdy scientific, gadgety, or entertainment-related nonsense in there, too.

My flights went fine except that WHEN MY FLIGHT WILL BE DELAYED, IT SCARES ME MORE WHEN YOU DON'T SAY HOW LONG THAN IF YOU WERE TO ADMIT THAT IT WILL BE 30 MINUTES. *breathes out raggedly* Still, it's all worth it because today I purchased a turquoise & white scarf at a boutique in the Pittsburgh Airport (which, PRETTY GOOD SHOPPING) on my two-hour layover for $0.75. I WIN!

My weekend was lovely, including one visit to a Marine OCS candidate friend at Quantico, one Smithsonian foray with the unparalleled N&J (National Gallery of Art 19th century French offerings - sheer delight), another good day at church, and some yummy Austin Grill fajitas. Also some really good conversations, especially with K. The running stereotype is that married couples never actually share meaningful conversations as soon as the rings cross your knuckles at the altar (satirized to humorous effect in Mr. and Mrs. Smith). The likelihood is HIGH that we'll end up exclusively discussing how much Windex we have left, what new idea we can try to get Percy to STOP POOPING ON OUR CARPETING EVERY MORNING, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR TUNA TREATS, or whether buying watermelon with just the two of us is a waste. We have successfully avoided that pitfall thus far, and I am so glad. That's the whole reason I married a thinker! The fact that he gets dimples when he's trying to pull my leg and he knows I'm going to catch him HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, I'M SURE. (Miss you, Hubster!)

Oh, the title references the scarf (although it may not be the best bargain I've ever snagged in percentage points, the price-tag is AWFULLY low.) and my Scrabble game tonight with the bosses. 63 points? Don't mind if I do! I actually won at Scrabble - and won handily. Suitemates - take note: "it CAN happen here!" Man, that's taking me back to watching Elmer Fudd enter WackoLand in the episode in which he hunts the Dodo bird. Good times, great oldies.

And remember, I'm blogging from IN, and I'm on borrowed time and even more borrowed computers. Here's hoping I can keep up the postfulness.


Cap'n Ganch said...

Wait, where do you live, EAP?

CharlesPeirce said...

Thanks for the props, eap. Likewise.

I agree about the conversations--way to buck the trend and strike a blow for modern, totally sweet marriage.

Beth said...

Congrats on Scrabble, you sexy thang. I'm pretty proud of myself for beating Neil a couple of times when we've played online recently. He is a formidable Scrabble opponent. (I lost our last two games by a rather large margin, but I think he'd agree that they were TERRIBLY unbalanced in that he got nearly all of the high-point tiles and I had nothing but one-pointers for much of the game. Such is the life of a Srabbler...)

E.A.P said...

Sir, Captain Ganch, Sir, I live in the DC metro area, on the MD side of things.

CharlesPierce - thanks for the congrats. It took a while to balance serious talk with fun talk with productive talk, but it was worth the effort. A roommate who can also argue about Supreme Court nominees? priceless! ;) Good postings yourself!

Beth - Thanks much. I'm sure it was the tiles. I'm sure it was the tiles in my case, but I'm claiming whatever victories I can. Life is too short and Scrabble games are too long NOT to.