Friday, July 22, 2005

Smiling, then crying, then smiling again, then stressing

I got back yesterday evening late. I slept in my own bed, with my own pillow, and my cat occasionally nibbling at my ankles, knees, and toes for sheer amusement. DORK ALERT: The Following is Unjustifiably Smarmy. My hubby must have missed me because I woke up a couple times and he was snuggling me in his sleep. *swoon, thud*

Yesterday was really fun. My company has a suite at their local football stadium and every year, they pick up their tickets and attend a free taste-testing of all the food available to order from the caterers. Unfortunately, my stupid stomach picked THAT MOMENT to shrink to the size of a fist and refuse to let me eat even a normal amount of the LIMITLESS, FREE, GOURMET FOOD. Anyone who knows me can see why this is a catastrophic problem under the circumstances. I guess all the food from the past week caught up with me. Still, WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

After that, boss and I had like three hours to kill before my flight and we couldn't go back to the house because of the airport location so we spent some time shopping. I found Travel Scrabble for $15 at B. Dalton and grabbed it. I feel ALMOST as cool as BL. And boss and I bought matching, incredibly comfortable flip-flops from American Eagle. She is now OFFICIALLY my almost-mom because Mom and I often ended up with the same shoes in our closets. But, Mom, you're still The Capital-M Mom because you endured labor for me, an indelible fact of history (and I'm sure memory for you). Plus there was that whole "raising" me thing in there somewhere. However, I'm feeling generous, so how about a shout-out to both mom & Mom - MUCH LOVE.

Okay, I have WAY too much work to do before vacation next week, SO: bye!

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