Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Catalog Purchase Blues

Arrested Development last night? RIOTOUS. As I watched I realized that one of the unsung heros of that show has got to be Michael Cera because he, like Jason Bateman, is a bit too normal in a cast of crazies, yet he plays the awkward teenager brilliantly. I'm so looking forward to next week's installment of the cousin saga. Although I read on a blog that the writers have continued to interlace jokes so tightly that any new viewers are going to have a hard time keeping up. Don't give up, newbies! It gets easier with time and IT IS WORTH IT.

I found some awesome clothing clearance items at VS, so I ordered a tee and a sweater for cheap. The tee works, the sweater not so much. It just . . . doesn't fit me properly. It's got tiny ribbing on the bottom third of the sweater which is okay but then the unstructured bodice above it tends to billow oddly on the sides and I have too much up top so it's all NOT WORKING FOR ME. I'm so sad because the color ROCKS. I wish I had a more willowy figure so it would look as smashing as it deserves to look. Anyone want an unused, size-small sweater? I'll sell it for the price listed. You have my email on the left sidebar. In the link above it's the color called "rhubarb" except it's much more pink than red in person. I just wish the online clothing retailers could catch up with online shoe retailers in the return policy department. *pouts*

Okay, enough with the pseudo-ebay thing I have going on here. It's just that I'm tired and feeling out of sorts and losing money on return shipping would NOT make my day here. My head sorta hurts and then it's just cloudy, without being painful and then it hurts again. Weirditude. I just want my husband to come home so I can relax, enjoy dinner with him, and spend a quiet evening recovering. Hope your day is better than mine!


Mair said...

Um...that's a nice sweater. Feel like hanging onto it until you visit and perhaps I can try it on and think about purchasing it? I've been trying to up the color quiotient in my wardrobe and wait til you hear this...I've been trying red lipstick here and there. My big problem is, it always turns pink on me! SO annoying.

Hey - you could have worse problems than sweater buying blues. Just when I thought my week couldn't get any worse and more project laden, I realized that i have to lead discussion next wednesday in Family. Which means i need to read this 220 page book by FRIDAY so I can email out the questions to everyone. BAD DAY.

E.A.P said...

Alright, you spoke up first so you have dibs on the rhubarb sweater. I immediately thought of you because, who else would be willowy and svelte enough? And it is an awesome color addition to any wardrobe. *sniffle*

Woh, did you say you're WEARING RED LIPSTICK? I'm tearing up here! All those years of being your outlandish bright-lipped friend. >;) I have the same problem with pinks turning red on me, too. Usually the ones that work best on me are almost brown - more rust than scarlet. I'm looking at fall fashion and a bit of the spring fashion week coverage and it looks like magenta lips are in so if you have to go pink, it's not a bad time to do it. We can experiment when we visit.

I'M SO SORRY MY LIFE ISN'T THAT HARD, M-LO, BUT IT'S HARD FOR ME! Just kidding. I can't even pursue that without sounding ridiculous. I'm so sorry you got saddled with that extra work! BLECH. Fortunately, you happen to be BRILLIANT, so it should work out in the end. Plus, in like nine days you get a SWEET birthday gift from me. It's like I planned it or something!