Monday, September 19, 2005

Listing Monday

1. Good, easy-going weekend. We were productive when we had to be, relaxed when we didn't. We rented The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and it was marvelous. I like Wes Anderson as a director, although I'm the first to admit he's not for everyone. The quirks and eccentricities that make his cinematic worlds improbable are just the whimsical touches that make me supremely happy watching them.

2. We hung out for a while with a couple we met at the church picnic last weekend. They are very sweet and they live not far away. It was nice to hang out and not have to drive 45 minutes to do it. Not that I don't love all you sorta-close folks, but I'm sure you understand. Looking forward to a few restaurant dates and perhaps getting their cats together with Persephone. You know, 'cause we can't do playdates with our kids, having none to speak of. (Speaking of pseudo-children, Percy was freakin' adorable all weekend long. TONE IT DOWN, CAT, WE'RE ALREADY HELPLESS TO YOUR WILES.)

3. Watched the Emmys for the first time last night. It bothered K more than I that the best shows/actors/ANYTHING kept being ignored mostly in favor of accessible crap. I've almost given up on popular opinion. I'm just glad Arrested Development won for the writing category. If they hadn't won that, I think I would have given up on American culture and society FOREVER. Also, Hugh didn't win. CURSES on the Academy, I say.

4. Got the shoes I ordered from Free shipping (returns, too!) means I ordered four pairs, even though I'll only keep 1-2. They are so lovely I can't believe I'm resisting the urge to spend the rest of the day trying them on with different sock, pant, and skirt options. THANKS, IN-LAWS! Your birthday money in the form of shoes, well, it makes me so very happy!

5. Curling up in bed last night was a delight. K reading next to me, listening to Persephone purr while I stroked her head and read a magazine. K stopped to kiss me between pages. Percy nuzzled my hand as I scratched the side of her head and felt the softness of her mink-rivaling fur on my fingers. The best ending of a weekend EVER, if memory serves. No exciting locales, no crazed night on the town, and the relative level of excitement was low, but it was a stunning moment. Gah, simple pleasures always elude my descriptions.

6. WHAT IS TONIGHT, PEOPLE? You should know this: tonight is the season premiere of Arrested Development. 8pm. FOX. WATCH IT! Heaven knows we've got anticipation levels at a DANGEROUS HIGH.


Jackscolon said...

I just wanted to tell you that your blog changed my life... well, 22 minutes of it anyway. I watched the premiere of Arrested Development. I just thought I'd tell you...

lvs said...

Ohmanohmanohman, it looks like another amazing season.

And I agree with you about the Emmy awards. You'll also notice the conspicuous lack of Keifer Sutherland receiving awards simply for being SCRUMPTOUS.

I like that, The Cagegory in Which Keifer Sutherland Receives An Award Merely for Being HOTT.

E.A.P said...

jackscolon - I'm so glad my blog changed 22 min. of your life. Keep it up, friend, not just because I selfishly want ratings to shoot up so I can enjoy my show for another season but also because the more you watch it, the more laughs AD will yield with it's running gags and allusions to previous hilarity. Enjoy!

lvs - You are right on all points, darling. A TWOP recapper calls Keifer the Velvet Voice or something. Did you see him on the telecast? HOT. Although KS's screen persona can drive me a bit nuts at times, he is great. Plus it's a testament to his fairly good acting that I get annoyed by his character and not him at all. Sadly, we don't award the Emmys. WAH!