Friday, September 16, 2005

In which I raise the hue and cry for MORE HUGH!

I want Hugh Laurie to be my uncle. Not just because he's a famous, funny, brilliant, and a fantastic actor but because he'd be ever so much FUN! He has the goofiness of the ultimate useless Gentleman of Leisure Bertram Wilberforce Wooster ("Bertie" of Jeeves and Wooster). He has the ruthless idiocy of Prince/Lieutenant George in all the various Blackadder incarnations. He has the biting wit and anti-social tendencies we all secretly covet (even if it's only for specific occasions) as Dr. Gregory House in the TV show House. His sense of timing and the way he naturally inhabits his characters' quirks and physical dynamics is just what many leading gentlemen and ladies UTTERLY FAIL TO DO, despite their matinee idol fa├žades.

While browsing his bio on IMDB, I read that he's an accomplished pianist. Of course he is. He got a degree in anthropology from Cambridge? I might have guessed. He had the good sense to date Emma Thompson? I'd expect nothing less. I have no doubt that he is bright and it is VERY HARD for me to think anyone famous, much less an ACTOR has two neurons to rub together. He, on the other hand, exudes smarts like his facial scruff on House and the man hasn't MET a razor he can't shun in that show. If you've got a broadband connection, check this video out, and you'll see what I mean about the brains and the funny. Jay Leno can't keep up with the kid-chauffeuring, British-psyche-dissecting, disarmingly-humble genius of the man. WHY CAN'T HE BE FUNNY AND CRANKY AT FAMILY CHRISTMAS, huh?

Looking at his projects it's clear he doesn't give a hill of pinto beans about prestige. Stuart Little 3? Please, they don't hand out Oscars for that stuff. So here's to a man who deserves the Fame and Fortune of an Emmy Nomination AND WAY MORE, but is happy to amuse by writing this: "Bertie is leaving in a huff: '"Tinkerty tonk," I said, and I meant it to sting.' I ask you: how is one to do justice of even the roughest sort to a line like that? How can any human actor, with his clumsily attached ears, and his irritating voice, and his completely misguided hair, hope to deliver a line as pure as that? It cannot be done." Go read the rest of the article he wrote about Wodehouse and the show based on his books and you will have no choice but to join in the outcry for MORE HUGH LAURIE!


sbp said...

God, I love House.

inviolable said...

Look, you knew perfectly well that the word of the day for last Thursday was 'avuncular', and it seems as if you expended a colossal amount of effort to *avoid* using it in this post. I'm ashamed, quite frankly, and I've half a mind to continue pestering you with increasingly pleonastic trivia.

That said, I like it when House patronizes people. He's so cruel.