Monday, May 01, 2006

Too Tired To Title

I thought I'd stop being tired after I returned and got some sleep, but this weekend wore me out. Thursday's quick flight into Providence, RI was nice. Set up and such went well, and so did Friday's hours at convention. Afterward, we went to dinner at the Flying Rhino Cafe which, frankly, rocked our feeble worlds! If you should find yourself in Worcester, MA, check it out. They had a diverse menu of mostly Asian fusion dishes mixed with traditional Italian and European dishes. Bee had the "BOMBAY SAUTE -­ Crisp snow peas, sweet red peppers, pineapple, mango and peanuts in a spicy Garam-Masala sauce over Jasmine rice." I had the "PENNE Á la VODKA -­ Penne pasta in a tomato cream sauce with spinach, onions, Romano cheese, vodka and a touch of crushed red pepper." Best vodka sauce I've ever had, bar none! They had just the right amount of creme and not too much vodka to sour and the sauce and make it bitter. Truly amazing stuff, and pretty reasonable all told. The atmosphere was nice, if noisy, and the decor was lovely.

Saturday's hours went well, although we were both dragging by the end, mixing up terms and switching numerals in customer addresses. I did get a delightful mother and daughter who talked to me about the daughter's next move in her science studies. It turns out, she was very like me at her age - capable in science but unenthused by lab work and the endless details. I mentioned my move into philosophy and they lit up and asked all kinds of questions about colleges and different fields and such. I remembered that I was only a bit older than her when I talked to Jefe and began my journey into career exploration and figuring myself out. It was refreshing to be helpful like that. I hope she'll find what her strengths and gifts are - she seemed so full of promise.

After all that activity, we decided to take it easy that night. We called up a hotel closer to the airport and checked in there, where the attendant gave us two coupons each for free drinks at the bar. We sipped our drinks by the hot tub and retired for the night. Then at 1:40am, after having finally fallen asleep from too much talking not long before, THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF. Some punk kid decided to make everyone's night by submitting to peer pressure and pulling one after having terrorized the fourth floor with the endless talking and running in the halls throughout the evening. The fire department had to arrive to reset it and we lost like a half an hour of sleep and probably gained some gray hairs from that rude awakening. I don't care if sound old here: "Damn kids!" Even worse, I had a HUGE blood-sugar attack earlier in the evening. I actually had lunch, but we must have waited too long for dinner because I found myself shaking, head-ache-riddled, so nauseous the mere thought of food sickened me, and just plain yucky. We ate at Bertucci's and despite getting a tomato and mozzarella salad, I managed to snarf a few mozzarella balls and a roll or two before I felt so full I thought I'd burst. I haven't had that kind of reaction in a long time and my survival skills were a mite rusty, but I started to feel better once the food kicked in. I just hope that doesn't start happening more often because conventions are no time to be picky about meals, or even meal times!

When we woke up the next morning, I seriously thought it would have been better to skip our flight. We slogged through, though, and hopped the plane to my home base together. I stayed with Bee until her connector to Indy left and then drove home. It was a beautiful day - sunny, 60s, positively uplifting. Despite myself, I felt better. I decided to call Mr. T on a whim, having agreed to hang out this week, I thought why not move it up if he's free?

I get an excited call back after he hears my message and our fun-filled evening was born. I met up with he and his friend S for his soccer game on the National Mall. Nothing like the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument as a backdrop for a little co-ed soccer footwork. They lost 1-0, which was sad, but we cheered up when we hit Georgetown for another Half-Price Bottle of Wine night at Clyde's. We laughed quite a bit, I drank a bit much for my small frame, and Mr. T drove us to his place for that night's West Wing episode. When we arrived, a blast from the pass stood waiting in the courtyard, one JG, who I hadn't seen in almost seven years. I think our reminiscing over the old days grated on S and T's nerves eventually (after all, they did have to rewind the Tivo four times to catch the dialogue), but it was really great to catch up, and I'm so glad we're back in touch. We've all planned an event for the middle of next week, and I can't wait to hang out, even if we don't have the fantastic weather of this occasion. Huzzah for friends, old and new!

Now, I'm paying for my sins of adrenaline abuse - I'm tired, despite sleeping in and working just half the day. I'm hoping I can take another half-day off sometime this week, but we'll see if I get everything done that I need to. I have this weekend off from conventions, and PRAISE THE MAKER FOR THAT ONE. Now it's time for laundry, dinner, and OOPS, 24 just started, so I'm out. I'll try to post pics tomorrow, that is if any turned out. Oh, and if I'm not to tired.


FC said...
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Jackscolon said...

Speaking of vodka, I got into some Grey Goose and Cranberry juice the other night, mmm... Grey Goose.

rachel said...

Blood sugar drops happen to me ALL THE TIME!! It kind of went away through high school (when my diet was far more nutritious), but returned in force at college. I (and sometimes Hans) now carry a granola bar, fruit, or something else sugary wherever I go.

But I can totally empathize, because it sucks.

Mair said...

I went to a dietician once in high school when I had low blood sugar issues and she advised me to eat protein - not sugar - when I feel my blood sugar dropping. Counterintuitive, but true. Nuts are a good thing to carry around.

Anyway, we CAN'T WAIT to see you this weekend. We'll call soon.

Jackscolon said...

I love carrying nuts around. In fact, I'm never without them. Hey-O!

E.A.P said...

Jackscolon: I prefer Smirnoff, but to each his own. Oh, and I'll see your "Hey-O!" and raise you a "HEY NOW!" Just because it sounds similar, not because I'm particularly scandalized.

rachel: Strangely, I had worse problems with blood sugar attacks in high school than college. Honestly, it was much easier to predict and combat when it happened more often. Now I'm at the mercy of my unpredictable body. Big fun.

mair: I knew that about blood sugar partially through trial and error. I usually like to give my system a shock of both. That way the bread carbs give me a quick boost and the nutty proteins keep me up longer. It makes sense to me, but maybe it's still wrong. I'll think I call you right . . . (presses send button) NOW.

Mair said...

oh my gosh - I just want your readers to know that you really did call me RIGHT THEN! You are amazing.