Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"Don't be inadequate anymore!"

I may not be in need of M4le Enh@ncem3nt, but spammers still find a way to push my buttons. I got several emails with that subject line in the last month. Apparently, they've been reading my blog. See, I did yoga yesterday for the first time in . . . too long, and I'm sore today, so I didn't have to spend my lunch hour on that. That meant I could actually post on my lunch. And I've been staring at a blank screen for minutes now.

I'm trying not to be an inadequate blogger, I really am, but I'm just not in the writing mode. For weeks my posts have just been condensed versions of my activities, so now thinking about writing a serious post just seems odd. Or if not odd then certainly way too challenging for a lunch hour.

Despite not using my outlet, I have done a lot of thinking in the last weeks. I've read some good books. I've had some epiphanies over good music. I just haven't captured them in time, and I'm not about to recreate them out of tepid, half-remembered thoughts and serve them up as so much cold oatmeal. So I'm going to have to finally write down all those quotes from books and song lyrics and finally get around to some POSTING already. RRRR, I hate it when my hobbies start to look like jobs!

So after all that whining, I present a picture:

A Tree Grows in DC

I'm working on a new template for my site. I just finished Bee's over the weekend. We'll see when I stop being inadequate long enough to finish mine. Heh.


Jackscolon said...

New template? I vote for not white letters on a black background, because it makes my eyes go crazy.

GMack said...

I totally dig your current template and am slightly jealous that you are knowledgable on being able to change it. I have all kinds of cool ideas yet I know nothing about computer programming so I am lost. But heck, you can just pick some superficial topic and blog about it. Hell, that is pretty much all my blog is about.

CharlesPeirce said...

Can I have some oatmeal?

GMack said...

Speaking of not being inadequate...get on another post already.