Monday, June 05, 2006

Too cool for Friday.

Hubster and I finally got a joint day off on Friday, so SORRY SUCKAS, but I chose him. We slept in (only a little - must be work guilt or something), we watched crap on TV, and we sighed with relief that a good portion of the work crappiness is over for both of us. His work's slowing down - he'll actually have normal hours. Weeeeiiird. I have one more convention this weekend and then a convention that I'm attending in a couple of weeks, but other than that, it'll be, dare I say it, NORMAL around here.


I know some of you are shaking your heads at the hypocrisy - "she never mentions him for weeks and then she's all YIPPEE when he's around? (pshaw, with hand wave)." I could have written the last few weeks of posts like "I miss him, v. 345" but I spared you that agony. Plus, I was kinda busy myself, no? Instead, I treated my frustration with my lack of time as a fact - like the fact that gravity still seems to be in effect and so far, our cats are still beg for food like it's the first and last time they'll ever taste that sweet, sweet kibble. It's simpler.

Now that we're not both crazed, I'm looking forward to the usual routines like "Hubster Comes Home From Work" and "The P's Eat Dinner." We indulged in some of those little rituals with late Saturday breakfasts, getting dessert and drinks at the Ram's Head Tavern, and talking quite a bit. It's funny how reassuring routines can be.

We also tried out some new things this weekend, like a restaurant called Levante's, a delicious Mediterranean cuisine place. It was in Bethesda, and the food was delicious. Also, good Turkish wines.

We also hauled our old dishwasher to the land fill (finally) and we dismantled the weight set we were given but were unwilling to allocate HALF OUR HOUSE to use and brought that, too. We were told to throw the offending articles over the side of a wall into a waiting concrete bay from whence our belongings would be hauled to their final resting place. I'm not usually big on it, but destruction is FUN! We've decided we should do date night there once a week because it was SO cathartic to hurl the metal over the edge and hear the loud scraping and snapping noises.

That was our weekend. I hope today is equally productive and boring.


Jackscolon said...

Couldn't you just ebay the weight set?

Yax said...

Just make sure that six months from now we don't see a post that says "Our house is totally empty, but destroying stuff was so much fun!" That could be a bit of a downer in the end.

P.S. Did you get the ringtone I e-mailed to you?

GMack said...

You totally have way more cool places to eat than we do here in Grove City. We can eat at Yoder's Amish Furniture Eatery and Banquet Hall, or McDonalds. I look forward to being in a city with cool restaurants...well at least not having to drive an hour to get to a city.

Mair said...

The downside is, it is so freakin' expensive to live anywhere near cool places. At least where you live, the cost of living is so low that you can afford to drive the hour AND eat at the nice places. :o) They say that you're supposed to spend like 33% of your monthly income on housing, right? Well, it's more like 50% for us!

rachel said...

We've been to Levante's! (If you were in Bethesda you were ridiculously close to our new place. Well, almost ours. Right now it's mine.) Anyway I had chicken kabobs when I was there, and they were pretty terrific. So was the wine.

And Mair, I feel you on the housing market. It makes me sick to my stomach how much we're paying for stinking rent. The thought of buying a house at these property rates makes me want to keel over. My barely grown up self can't handle that yet.

GMack said...

Well if I lived somewhere where there were cool places to eat I could at least walk and then just stare at the beautiful people and their expensive food. Of course, I could try selling my body.