Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Installing . . . 10% . . . 20% . . .

Status Bars are NOT my friends today. Hubster won himself all KINDS of points by reformatting my harddrive last night. I was sticking around to help and feel a LITTLE less useless, but pretty soon I realized I was only underfoot, so off I went to keep reading The Island of the Day Before (Umberto Eco - and yes, it's pretty good so far) and managed to fall asleep. Husband: Saving Wife from Fragmented Disaster of a Computer. Wife: Asleep on the Couch. I think I won the lotto, peeps.

Anyway, I've had to install programs all day. He put on Windows and Office, but I had to install Adobe CS and then the upgrade to CS2. Then it was time for Quark 4, then the upgrade to 6. Then iTunes, then blah, blah, blah. I managed to make some stuff done for work, but it was kinda tough what with the Neverending Status Bars.

Ah, but my system, she does MOVE now. Sigh.


Sorry, I can't type when I'm trying to cover both corners of the rattan box on my desk from Ms. Chompers. I often say that our cats are our children, and it's totally true. Except they'll never grow up and do dishes.

Anyway, I should run along and work. That is, do battle with Status Bars and Product Registration Screens. Hasta maƱana.


Plankiest said...

Yay! New computer. Sort of. Oh wait, I've got it.

Old computer. New life source! Hah! I am so clever!

Anyway. That's it! Your kitty is darling.

Jackscolon said...

Umberto Eco- nice!

Mair said...

As you may have read, my computer exploded. Seriously. Surge protector FAILURE. Motherboard ruined. Sent to Apple for very expensive repairs. I've been going crazy without a computer at home. And, I'm a nervous wreck that something will be wrong with the hard-drive, and Apple will trash it, and I'll lose all of my graduate school career!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

Anyway, I'm writing this from my parents house. :o) I will email you when I get my computer back.

p.s. my word verification is: ogqtotqb. I'm pretty sure that's the sound my motherboard made when it was power-surged.