Thursday, June 29, 2006

Linking What's Left of Thursday

1. This article was great. Lots of interesting ideas. The cynical among us will see this as a media guilt trip attempting to divest billionaires and their progeny of hard-earned cash-ola, but I think it's great. If no one is forcing Warren Buffett to give up his money, and instead he willingly gives his money to a charity which will put it to work, then BRAVO to him. May I have the same strength when I make my millions. (Stop laughing!) Good quote: "One of his aphorisms is that you should leave your kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do nothing."

2. "Titles of Songs I Could Credibly Write if I Became a Rap Star." McSweeney's does it again. Favorite line right this second: "Roll Me a Blunt (Now What Does That Mean Again?)" Sweet ironic perfection.

3. Hubster found this earlier this week, and though it seems focused on professionals (or amateurs with MUCH sweeter gear than I), some of my readership has camaras I'd like to steal, so give these tips on photographing fireworks a try. I'm not going to invest in a remote trigger for my PowerShot, but I'll bust out the tripod and try out his aperture/focal length settings.

Oops, it's going on midnight. I'll be a pumpkin in five, four, three, . . .

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