Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Delight

It's been Monday With A Vengeance all day. I tried to rework my design for a new ad. The cats jumped up on my desk throughout this process and sat in front of my keyboard, licked my arms, wandered across the copious papers, and generally begged for food the entire time. Not exactly the ideal environment for inspiration to strike. Oh, well. Let's think about fun things, shall we? Like my weekend.

I managed to have a blast with Betty who slept over Friday night after looking at pictures and wedding albums, and "watching" Garden State while we talked. She brought me a bottle of cherry beer that I'm excited about. I haven't tried it yet. We had some good laughs at the expense of our younger selves, telling stories long into the night. It was lovely. I wish I could do that at least once a month.

Saturday morning we took it easy until she had to run errands and head home. After putzing around the house, I decided to walk to the local shopping area for a little retail relaxation. I found a used book seller that I seem to have missed all the other times I've been, and with s sale going on, I managed to snag three fantastic paperbacks for $10. I'm working on one right now, because I'm so ADD with books that I have to have four going at once. Or because I'm petulant and capricious. Probably both. From about 9-2pm, Hubster was at a frisbee tournament in which he overdid it. Big time. That night he had to move his legs by hand and walk very slowly, a situation which I found hilarious. He did not appreciate my amusement. Heh.

KL from church hosted us for dinner that night. They had another couple, too, and we all had a great time eating Grape Tomato, Avocado, and Cumin salad, Barbequed Chicken with Homemade 20-Ingredient Sauce, and mojitos, among other things. It was delish. We talked books, travels, and studies, and told lots of stories. And then Erica went home buzzed because did I mention? MOJITOS. Weee!

Sunday was fairly uneventful except for an IKEA run in which we didn't buy much but figured out we want a kitchen redo. And it'll be expensive. WAH! Also, the shelf we bought for the bathroom won't fit. GAH! Also, also, we finally got a towel rack for our bathroom. YAY!


Plankiest said...

I totally understand the whole ADD thing with books. Currently I am about 10 pages from finishing a book, but the whole premise is so stupid and it finally caught up with me. So I probably won't finish it, even though it is 10 pages versus the 400 I already read.

Besides, I went to Barnes & Noble today and got some books that look to be much better.

Can't wait to see you!

Plankiest said...

Oh, and the book?

The Oath by Frank Peretti.

Jackscolon said...

Garden State is a totally amazing movie. Good choice.

RedHurt said...

Nice! I read the Oath back in my almost-fundy middle school days, when Frank Peretti was a prophet giving rare glimpses into celestial truths. It's pretty good, but I thought the Darkness series was better. "If this be sin, let sin be served." Haha.

Speaking of books, I'm almost done with A Scanner Darkly, EAP. Would you like it? Think you'd mind sending those others my way? Please? Pretty please? With a cherry beer on top?