Friday, August 04, 2006

NC Redux

This is about my vacation all last week, and it has PICTURES.

Let's start things off by having everyone say "Hi" to GAIL. Her name was scrawled across the beach on our first day out there. I have no idea who she is, but she's got fans now. What up, G-dawg?

Before the first day, I guess I should mention that vacation inauspiciously with a seven-hour carride which put us in to the beach house at precisely 2:30am. NOT very vacationy. We slept in until the cheery hour of 8:00am but were greated by a hot breakfast, something we enjoyed most mornings, and something I enjoy more and more the older I get. Tasty. We spent most days at one of several local beaches or enjoying the pool table in the basement or the fantastic outdoor pool that belonged to the house. The digs were unusually nice this year. We had our own room and bathroom - in my book that qualifies as Rockstar Vacation Living. It was a nice break from the shower queue and lack of hot water in year's past.

Beach days offered us much adorable cuteness from the younger cousins. The slightly older ones body-surfed the waves like pros, only better and more adorably, but the younger ones, like Miss A here, either played with sand or played with tools with sand all while remaining cute. If only the same could be said for her older cousin-in-law, moi:

These two people are the E's of the family: E-man, and sadly, myself. E-man is three, and he rocks. He is wearing a wetsuit, a lifevest, a sunhat with neck protection, and he's smiling. I am wearing a bathing suit and a t-shirt and I would rather swallow sand than smile for that picture. I would also be less embarrassed if I had swallowed sand since the INTERWEB would not know what a a complete disaster vacation makes of me. Please admire the unabsorbed sunscreen on my chin, the hideously undone hair and the eyebags. Don't you feel better about yourself already? You're welcome.

When driving to beaches or the outlet mall for some retail [un]therapy (remember?), we had plenty of time to goof off. My brother-in-law and I decided that the cloud on the right is The Couch Potato In The Sky. We were not drunk nor were we high when we decided this. My brother-in-law is awesome.

These are the toes of E-man, Cousin G, and my entire leg and foot (in case the pallor didn't clue you in). I think this picture is cute. Please do not attempt to convince me otherwise because to me, it is the best symbol of this vacation: peeps and playa. Lovely.

When we returned, the kitties were great, thanks to KL who checked in with them a few times, and to regular kibble which, along with some water, seems to be all they need to survive. Except for regular exercise of their contempt for my stupid camara and my insistence on posting their image to this site. Welcome home to me!

Loki's all: Oh my gosh, this is so humiliating.
Persephone's all: I don't consort with people who clean litterboxes.

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Plankiest said...

Welcome back! I am glad that you had a good vacay!

I am so excited for your visit!