Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Babbling" is I think what you'd call it.

After this evening's Lenten program at church, and my friend ExPatria (we'll call her that because she's not originally from these parts) and I ducked out to enjoy some coffee and a good chat. We had such a good time! Apparently, she too has a 70's-era sewing machine with which she does battle to alter clothing and, recently, make a new duvet and sham set for her bedroom. We chatted over sewing adventures, her sister's impending baby shower which she's trying to plan and the many, many weddings I'm attending this year. It was so good to catch up that time flew. Also, the slice of Tres Leches Cake that I bought flew off my plate. Sweet fancy Moses! Stay tuned for a future cooking experiment with that recipe because yummmmmm. Heads up, Hubster and other loved ones: remind me to make this for a party so I won't be able to eat the entire thing by myself. Thank you.

Onward into miscellany! I decided to switch out the site template, as you can see. I like it, but it's so "90's Laura Ashley dress" and therefore so unlike me that I'm still getting used to it. I usually avoid the pastels. Pastel blue is The Enemy in my clothing shopping because it's freakin' everywhere, and I own like one shirt in that color and I'm sated. Still, I love those flowers and the Squidfingers background image, so why not try something new?

In the interests of full disclosure, this is my second attempt to write this post after my cat wandered in the narrow space between my file cabinet and the wall where all my computer's power strips reside. Yeah, Pooper cut the power on me, and now I'm too tired to come up with a nice, round three-item post. Amuse yourselves in the comments - at my expense, if you like. I'm gonna get me a Martini and bid you adieu.


Mair said...

I like the new template. Especially the banner graphic. Very nicely done.

Em said...

I really like the Laura Ashley template... I sure wish I knew what I was doing, so I could have one half as nice as yours!! Alas, I am destined to be stuck with whatever Blogger offers me. Humph.