Thursday, March 01, 2007

Picture Post Week: Details, Details

Relief work on a gate near the Capitol.

The moon was out, at three in the afternoon, and it positioned itself behind the dome. The shot practically took itself.

I was chilly, sitting in a bus stop, and waiting for Hubster to find the car, dig it out, and pick me and all our luggage up at the curb in the Metro station. I blame boredom.

And this last shot seems to be taken in another world. It's another image taken from our hotel room's window, but this time the pedestrian had no umbrella. Sucka.

And that's all for the first-ever FyF Picture Post Week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed uploading images and writing captions. That's "quite a bit," in case it wasn't self-evident. Happy weekend, kids. I'm going to spend it with J. Morgan and Mair. ¡Chau!

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