Thursday, March 29, 2007

Linking Thursday

It's time for me to suggest some ways to waste time based on the ways I've been wasting time online. Huzzah!

1. No list would be complete without McSweeney's so let's get that out of the way. As usual, I'm all up in that pizzle, if I may employ the phrase. Teddy Wayne's "My Interactive Call Center" includes the following sweet phrases: "Please hold while I passive-aggressively stall. Your expected wait time is: until after my show is over." Awesomeness. Okay, just one more. Because I can picture this being truly hilarious to attempt, Renee Prince's "Six Steps to Total Relaxation in the Workplace" gets the nod as well. I won't spoil it by hinting.

2. Hubster found a humorous article about Bono being knighted. Good for Bono!

3. Slate's always good for a random article. This one's about sleep and what purpose it serves for the human body. I may learned all about REM sleep for my fifth-grade science fair project, but it was nice to brush up.

4. I can't believe I haven't link to this next blog before. I've been reading slacktivist's Left Behind posts for over a year now. He's reading through the book (yes, that one) and picking it apart, posting weekly on Fridays. He does an amazing job of pointing out its problems from every angle: characterization, plot holes of every stripe, and of course, the theological issues that can arise from holding a Dispensationalist perspective. Despite how uninteresting that sounds, he really does a great job of keeping things fresh, alluding to pop culture, politics, history, scifi, and news. If you're intrigued, or if (like me) you have a pesky friend who keeps trying to get you to read these books and you want to have some ammo, check it out. (Note: the page is an archive that starts at the bottom with most recent posts on the top.)



Cap'n Ganch said...

I like this.

Mair said...

That Bono article is pretty great. Bono is my new celebrity boyfriend. I dumped Ralph Finnes after he joined the mile high club - that man-whore.