Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Last Wednesday night, Dad-in-law came down for dinner, carrying a cat grass plant in tow. Mum-in-law purchased it for me after hearing me whine and complain about its unavailability last November. The kitties considered it the best thing since kibble. I took copious snaps. A good time was had by all.

The Tiny approaches cautiously. She immediately chows down.

The Little notices the commotion, decides to investigate. "Investigate" means pull an Alpha-Cat and kick her sister off the tasty nibbles.

Best. Face. Ever.

Although this one with the tongue sticking out? Awesome.

She looks inebriated. Calm down, sweetie, it's not cat nip!

And now the faceplant - weeeee!

Farewell, Cat Grass. This shall serve as your funeral pic because you've already been devoured by our very happy felines.


Cap'n Ganch said...

Y'know, I've pondered buying one of those for Sybil for a while, but she has a tendency to have extreme disdain for anything too 'common' (i.e. catnip, cat toys, etc.). However, lately she's been digging the 'nip and some feathery cat/whip toys (my house looks like an S&M bordello complete with leopard print), so she may just take to it.

I've also seen the 'grow your own' kits, but I'm not sure if they work as well as advertised. Plus, you have to grow them in a warm, dark environment for a week ... which means a one-way ticket to Forgetful City.

Anonymous said...

Our cats love the kitty grass...both the store bought and the grow your own variety. But with the grow your own, it usually doesn't grow taller than an inch, because they start nibbling before it's finished growing...


Mair said...

I have the seeds and I just re-plant every few weeks for Moses. He loves it. I got it at a pet store...um...Pet Supplies Plus, maybe? I don't grow them in a warm, dark, place. Just a regular pot on the floor by the sliding glass door and it's fine.