Monday, March 05, 2007

Picture Post: Help! I Can't Quit Edition

Because I did it all last week, and because I took more pictures this past weekend, I can't seem to avoid another picture post. Meh, I guess it makes up for all those long written posts without any pretty distractions, right? RIGHT.

So J. Morgan and Mair visited. Mair blogs about it here, and I heartily agree with the sentiments therein expressed, but you can read her good words and I'll just give you the (brief) play by play.

We kicked back Friday and talked until late, but Saturday, we hit up Ellicott City for strolling, lunching, and shopping. We ate at Johnny's Bistro on Main, and the food was muy rico, let me just say. We especially enjoyed the Warm Mushroom Salad and the Hummus Plate.

Ellicott City's main drag on Old Columbia Pike.

The Lovely Mair enters a toy store with an adorable name.

A fantastic wine store hid behind this cask and store window. We were enthralled by their selection.

And then we came home (after our sidetrip to Daedalus Books, DANGEROUS) and made awesome fish tacos from Rachael Ray's Express Lane Meals cookbook. Huzzah for cheap tilapia and guacamole dressing!

J Morgan and Mair devour their tacos with gusto. And then leave us - wah!


Mair said...

Yay for fun pictures!! We miss you guys already!! Love you lots!! (and apparently, also love exclamation points!)

Bee said...

I heart Rachael Ray.