Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lizard Al Fresco

This morning I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business. I noticed Loki batting at something around my feet, so I thought my toes were tempting or something, and I wiggled them just in case. Perhaps, since it was a Bathrobe Morning (I know, I know I'm so lucky!), I thought the tie from my cushy, mid-calf-length terry variety was hanging down in a particularly tempting fashion. Finally, tiring of this, and suspecting I wasn't getting her full attention I looked down. Lo, did The Tiny sense her imminent spoiled party for she did snatch up in her jaws the very inspiration for her energetic swatting: one medium-sized lizard.

Exhibit A.

I believe it was a lizard and no salamander because it's exterior was more scaly than slimy, so I knew if I just got him out of her clutches, I could haul his bruised person to the back door, release him in the sun to warm himself after his foray in the coldest part of the house and he would be home free, if a little worse for wear. Of one thing I was certain: I had no idea what lizard blood looked like, but I didn't think it was covered under my carpet's stain guarantee.

Loki was not amused. My poor former-barn-kitten would have none of this "taking away her prey" business. Finally, I caught her off-guard when she'd dropped him for some more batting and torture. I'm ashamed to say that I snapped a picture.

Exhibit B.

Then I scooped him up in a serving bowl and took the first image before releasing him into the wild. Where no doubt the neighbors two outdoor cats made short work of him, but DUDE, I can only handle so much at one time, mmmkay? Two questions remain:

1)Will Loki ever stop sulking?
2) Exactly how did a sluggish but fresh lizard GET IN MY BASEMENT AND UNDER MY VERY FEET?

Hubster will be sorry he missed it while working all day. If any of you have the time and interest (or sufficient levels of boredom) feel free to identify the species for me. I doubt it, but I'll hand out bonus points if it's somehow poisonous and I/Loki dodged more than the carpet-stain bullet.

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Don Quixote said...

Ah..it's so nice to see your classical education paying off. Indeed, it is a lizard. I would probably say it is the little brown skink (Scincella lateralis). If not that, it is definitely some kind of skink.