Monday, October 03, 2005

Finally, but possibly temporarily.

The not-at-all-anticipated-by-anyone-else new template is up. I'm trying it out. I'm still figuring out whether I like it. Please do let me know if anything doesn't work. If I don't change my desktop every week or so, then I'm just not happy, so the changing of the blog template every quarter or so? It's a show of restraint, people!

Anyhow, I took up all my blogging breaks with fixing/tweaking the template, so I'll write tomorrow, peeps. Ciao!


Mair said...

i think this is your best template yet. I'm jealous.

Cap'n Ganch said...

Ooh, I like. I like.

Would you consider making the title picture a hyperlink back to the main page? I'm lazy and don't like retyping.

But, dude ... awesome.

E.A.P said...

Thanks, folks. I really wasn't sure if I liked it, but it's growing on me.

I have wanted to make the title picture a link to the main page, too, but it's currently a background image and thusly, it's impossible to make it link to anything. This template does, however, put a link to the homepage at the bottom of specific post pages. Try using that. I'll keep working on a work-around for the title link-back, but so far it looks shady. The dimensions on this page are set such that I'm having trouble.

Oh and Cap'n Ganch, could you find the portion of your template that's the footer on posts where your comment links reside? I want to make mine function like yours and I can't figure it out. Would you mind emailing it to me? Thanks!

RedHurt said...

I had the same problem getting my title pict to be a link. I was originally copying your style on sociological imagination, so I had to get a little creative on that point. :) I did it by putting a linked image in the div tag of the actual html and not part of the CSS. Here's the code if you want it - I replaced the "<" with "[" to make blogger happy:

[div id="header"][div]
[a href=""][img src="" /][/a]
[ItemPage][a href="[$BlogURL$]"][/ItemPage]

E.A.P said...

You asked, I delivered. Thanks to help from K & redhurt, the image is now a link. I had to chop a row of pixels off the image to make the borders work, but VOILA, it works. Still working on the comments business. Thanks for your help!

Jackscolon said...

I'm also digging the new format. So much so that I'm considering plagarizing some conceptual bits and pieces when I redo mine...