Monday, October 17, 2005

Pooper Goes to the Park

So a while ago when our dear feline took to crapping on the carpets, we gave her a nickname: Pooper. Highly original work, we know. Anyhow, we suited her up and headed out to the park behind our house on Sunday and you shall behold a couple of selections from the way too many pictures I took.

The Tiny Huntress in the natural habitat of her cousin, the tiger. She appears in the tiger's natural choice for hunting: the pink harness. Too chic, darling, too chic.

Yeah, she rocks. Her last experience was less than fulfilling for us because she basically didn't venture out at all. She laid down and look around like she could hardly believe her senses. This time, she tried to catch falling leaves, watched a dog and owner play fetch (from a safe distance, of course), and generally wandered the grass with aplomb. We were enthralled. We are total dorks.

I shudder to think how many animals have marked that goal post. Am I glad her hygienic principles prevent her actually touching it!

So beyond taking the Pooper outside, we did not much of anything. Watched some TV, cleaned the apartment, made more Splenda cookies, ate too many Splenda cookies, and did absolutely NO looking for houses. None. WOOHOOO we're through! Except I've spent all my breaks today talking to home inspectors and mortgage bankers. Man, this adulthood business keeps gettin' better and better, huh?

1 comment:

Mair said...

Two things:
1) I regret to inform you that I detect some color variation in Pooper that makes me think she may have some Calico other words: BEWARE.
2) Make sure if you keep taking her outside you take precautions against fleas...because fleas are a top cause of worms, and as Moses and I can attests, WORMS ARE NOT FUN!