Friday, October 21, 2005

Reality TV, Rainbow Dresses, Rejection, Indoor Grilling, and One Much-Needed Weekend

Some links for your weekend leisure surfing:

This Slate article takes a thoughtful look at the VH1 show Breaking Bonaduce. It's an interesting question - where's the line between exploitive reality TV and pioneering documentary? What if this were about a book or a series of magazine articles? Would we have the same question? I guess it's a matter of context to a large degree, but it's a worthwhile question to ask.

This outfit critique ROCKS. The girls at Go Fug Yourself are usually awesome, but this is above and beyond the noble call of snark. Fantastic!

Dan Kennedy is almost an obsession with me anymore, but seriously EVERY TIME HE WRITES SOMETHING I LAUGH, and "My Rejected Cooking Show Ideas" is a case in point. One misstep, though: "Three-Hour Meals for Just Under $400.00" is actually the subtext of many cookbooks and cooking shows already.

Speaking of cooking, after this article in the Baltimore Sun, I'm hoping to add indoor grilling to my culinary repertoire. Lots of helpful tips, now if only I'd get off my butt and get a grill pan . . .

On a personal note, I'm still having a pretty rough time of it over here. After next week many of the major decision-making events should be behind us, so that will help with the panic, if not totally elevate me from this funk. Thanks for your prayers and thoughtful notes. Support is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I'll be thinking a lot about your encouragements while I relax and regroup this weekend. Big hug to you all!


Anonymous said...

Hello Darling!
I just wanted to say that I love the blog. Even though I haven't talked to you since last spring I know everything that's going on in your wonderful! I'm sorry things are rough for you right now, I'll def be praying for you. Take care, hope to see you soon!
Natalie A.

laura said...

tag. you're it.

p.s. miss you babe, and i love reading about the adventures of your life.