Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Neurons On Strike! Film at 11.

I'm tired today. Even sitting in my desk chair is tiring - I keep adjusting positions, trying not to slouch or get a crick in my neck. I'm also a bit restless. My brain wants to move into full nesting mode, thinking about new homes, new decor, paint, furniture, even where to put the litter box. It's absurd, but hard to slow or stop. (Is it possible to kill brain cells by thinking too much? Okay, how about too hard? Too fixedly on one subject? . . . ) Over the last couple of days, I've gotten to talk to the parents, the in-laws, and my dear friend EN. It was wonderful to catch up (and rare with E - shout out!), but you have to explain the house-hunting stuff over and over again, and that's not exactly doing wonders for my campaign to MOVE ON, BEFORE YOUR NEURONS DEMAND UNION RIGHTS.

So, in lieu of a tome, I leave you with an interesting article on a subject I've been thinking about lately. What do you think?

Condi, Hillary, and … Angelina? - When celebrities act like politicians, and politicians act like celebrities. By Jacob Weisberg

P.S. If anyone tells me what they think about homes, so help me, I'll scream, people. Those of you who know me, nod gravely at the newcomers. Yes, fear the lung capacity. FEAR IT.

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Mair said...

I've been having the same sort of day...not being able to keep my mind on one track for any productive period of time. SO frustrating. I express it as "I feel like I'm floundering and just kind of flopping around." Hope you have a more productive day tomorrow!

p.s. is it me, or are these word verification sequences getting longer???