Monday, October 10, 2005

Food, Films, and Funks

Friday: We relaxed and I made this awesome dinner. I sauteed the pork and peppers, rather than using the hard-to-clean-WILL-IT-NEVER-BE-RIGHT broiler pan. I gotta say, I was skeptical about couscous at first, but every time I've made it recently, it's fast, easy, and delicious. For the cheater's among us, "Far East Brand, Original Plain Couscous." Know it, live it, love it.

Saturday: We got some stuff done around the house. We finally got to see Serenity. Yes, we're Firefly fans, although we never saw it when it was actually on TV. The movie was great fun - a fabulous way to round out the series that was cut short (and awkward) by the cancellation. Well worth the matinee money. That night we finally watched a rental we'd gotten from Blockbuster called A Very Long Engagement. Same lead actress and director as the famed Amelie. Since it's set in WWI, it deals with some pretty weighty issues. Once again, though, I enjoyed the director's take on things. It was also visually beautiful. One shot of the wind whipping through a field just took my breath away. Also, Jodie Foster appears in the film and speaks fluent French. Who knew?

Sunday: We looked at 8 homes in about four hours. It was crazy. Our realtor is pretty easy to be around and she's very helpful, but after about the 3-hour mark my brain and my patience was toast. A couple of them were passable, so we'll see what happens.

Monday: I'm just hanging in there, hoping to tie up some loose ends with work stuff. That'll have to do since baseball has taken over FOX and Arrested Development won't be on. JERKS. Excuse me, I have a Monday to endure without respite.


RedHurt said...

I saw Serenity last week. Great stuff.

Mair said...

We watched A Very Long Engagement saturday night, too!!!! What are the odds??

We loved it . Thought it was emotionally involved - very upsetting and as beautiful as we expected it. I really love that director. He has such a quirky way of doing things and it makes his films such a delight!

Jackscolon said...

I totally agree with you about FOX. Stupid baseball has preempted the Simpsons and Family Guy. At least Rome was on HBO.

lvs said...

I still can't believe you're looking for a house. How Grown Up of you. I'd love to come see you guys sometime - at least, after I've bounced back from the expense of Grove City-ing. :-) It's been too long, old roommate.