Thursday, October 27, 2005

Listing Thursday

1. Today Persephone, for the third time in her life, crawled up on my lap unbidden AND STAYED THERE. Oh, rapture!

2. We found a way to see both families for the holidays. Well, one holiday each but that's the best we can hope for till we strike it rich from my blog, which should happen in approximately 8,000,000 years. At least we can decry this fact properly over our egg nogs and cranberry relish.

3. On a scale from 1 to Awesome, Panera House Lattés are SUPER GREAT. I'm so glad that random chick at a rest-stop Panera on the OH Turnpike suggested it to me so long ago. Rock on, Random Chick, wield that spiced-honey syrup!

4. I have recently discovered that a bunch of acquaintances from GCC who have blogs themselves have decided linked to my blog. This warms my heart, but not enough to get off my butt and return the favor by finally putting links up on my blog. To quote Toy Story, "Great! Now I have guilt!"

5. Hubster - I know you love me, but must your patience for my foibles know no bounds? You're making me look bad over here! Still, thanks. Life is much sweeter with you around.

6. Okay, Scalp, here's the deal. I've spent enough time talking to you about dry scalp and dandruff and other concerns in my life that I feel more comfortable talking to you than, say, my endrocine system. I don't know who's to blame, but this shedding of my hair must stop. I used to be able to catch one or two stray hairs when I ran my fingers through it. Now that number is like five or more. I don't know if this is the result of boredom and a desire to see what I would look like bald, but Scalp and Co., this must stop. I can tell you the result of a Bald Erica experiment - permanent blindness for any and all who catch the rays of light which will be mercilessly reflected by my white pate. I don't want to be a latter-day Medusa. ENOUGH WITH THE MOLTING.


Megan said...

Why are you so funny? I love reading this and getting my daily Erica fix. I miss you...but not enough to give you my Jesus nightlight ;)


lvs said...

You can have my roommate's cat, who will willingly throw himself in any available lap and stretch out like a prostitute. That's what Gizmo is. A whore.

Mair said...

Panera house latte is one of the best out there...and i usually hate honey. Go figure!

HAHAHA! Now YOU'RE the one whose hair ends up in the fridge! Now YOU know the hassel of excessive hair loss. Now YOU have to fear that if a crime were ever committed somewhere you've been for more than 10 minutes and the CSI's find a strand of your hair (which they inevitably will) you will be a suspect in a brutal murder or something. maybe I'm the only person who would ever think that sort of thing...