Friday, December 09, 2005

Crazy Day

Working is hard.

Aside from trying to work with, you know, THAT going on, I've been quite busy because TODAY WE CLOSE ON OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW HOUSE! I'm leaving soon, so wish me luck! Will write more tomorrow. With sawdust in my hair, most likely. LET THE HOME IMPROVEMENT HILARITY/HYSTERIA BEGIN!


Jackscolon said...

What is it you do again?

My confirmation word is vkyqkmoq, which is longer than my comment.

Jen said...

Way to buy a house! Jer and I are in the throes of counter tiling. We've come to find that homeownership = messes. Its worth it, though. Enjoy!

E.A.P said...

Jack: I am a graphic designer/event coordinator/company travel agent. It's a small company so I have lots o' hats. Big fun!

Jen: I think I agree with your equation. I hope I agree with the rest of it, though. Good luck with the counters! {{HUG}}

My word verification is "qxqiq" which is a really cool combination of letters. Also, it makes me think of the word "quixotic." Good word.